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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Jesus in 2005 Anno Domini

   By Nick_NYC at 8:03 AM

So 2000+ years after the antichrist of atheists died, we still speak of a man from the Middle East as if he is alive, alive anyway in the hearts and minds of every good atheist-hating christian. I remember days growing up in Hawai'i when I heard nary a peep about this historic figure, but remember whisperings that when he took off from the Middle East he had moved to America, to be where his future people would live.

I do think that christian missionaries and non-christians (who choose hell over believing in Jesus or the God of Jesus), often ponder, how horrible/great it would be too not know of Christ. Again many christian church-goers have heard of these places that exist that know not of God or Jesus Christ, and by christian I mean not Catholic and American and a Christian, (one of my pastor's words, not mine).

So a ponderous question that is often not spoken of in the many debates about American Christiandom, who would you curse if you didn't know God? Would you have a different Lord to take the name of, in vain? What would you celebrate in December? Who would you accept into your heart? If you killed people in distant lands, who would you say it was for?

The questions go on and on.

So low and behold, mockers of Jesus, appear in America as an ironic reminder that the spirit of Jesus has stretched or moved out of the small place of his birth, to lands that used to not know of such a man, or even what he originally looked like. The latest being an anti-war protest in Astor Place, New York City. What next Jihadists for Jesus? If anything this incident reported Wednesday, has people thinking, if anything, something for the Crhistians to think about, who might value Christianity as it was meant to be by it's founders, what would Jesus think of the wars waged today?

I Can’t Say What I Want To...

   By PhilKll at 12:43 AM

We live in the age of great communicative powers, telephones link us directly and with the advent of the cell, directly from almost anywhere. Email and the web sends bits of information faster than the events unfold, what used to be tomorrow morning, is the time it takes to click send and receive, or type the name of your favorite website. What used to be the evening news, where we sit complacent and watch with apathy growing by the day, has become a news cycle that is a multi threaded assault on our sensory receptors.
Sounds like communication and the essence of freedom of speech is working on all cylinders thanks to the information age.

But are we really communicating? Today I was listening to the radio and lo and behold, I hear a world renown “truth” teller shoving his formerly fat little foot in my mouth as if this is what I would say. For minutes it went on until I hit the cd button on my radio and whisked him away. But it got me thinking, I mentioned how they use the sum of one, to speak for the whole, but what about when people are just blatantly sticking words in your mouth, or even worse, interpreting your words for their “real” meaning. Last time I checked when I had something to say I said it, I didn’t leave it up to a person with an opposing view point of the situation to tell the people what I really mean. But, sitting there at break, puffing away on a cigarette, what choice do I have? I do not have that kind of access to the masses, so there I sat, an Army of One, knowing what I had to say on the situation, and this jack hole mic whore telling 20 million people what he thought I was thinking.

Flashing in front of me were all these ideas, and out popped this one, perhaps communication had died, like a Picasso going for millions post mortem, information is at a premium, but the art of communication checked out long ago, lost in a TV remote function button. So use to a one way tract of thinking society just forgot, taking everything how they’re told it, and need not know the source, for they have a bobbing head to spew forth what they want to hear. Freedom of Speech suicide thanks to people only wanting what they want, unfortunately it’s not reality or truth they seek, perception is good enough for them, which is a post in and of itself, the fictioning of society. Thru selective dispersal of ideas, and turning a blind eye to the contradictions of your beliefs.

And the really shitty part... in the time it took me to write this, that guy makes what I made in the last two years combined... what’s wrong with this picture?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Scripting of a Legend

   By PhilKll at 12:46 AM

There seems to be a thing with urban legend in our society, or more so a legend, or dynasty even. In the modern era we have a few, James Dean, Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King. People who were cut down, shot down, or shot up before their time. They’re legends, they leave behind them a legacy, these are recent ones, looking back farther we have U.S. Presidents during World Wars, during Civil Wars, on the battle field, before them, we have the great artists who live larger than life, ironically only after they died. These people have an air of romanticism that surrounds them, what if, if only, what would they say? They live in or dwell in the idea of urban legends now, bigger than ever.

Ever get involved in Pro Wrestling? I have, I have a firm belief culture trickles up, I reference the 90’s, gangsta rap started in the economic impoverished ghettos of this country, where gang life is the only life, otherwise no one has your back at all. Or the Alternative Rock movement, where looking ghetto ass poor was cool, second hand corduroys and a flannel were the pinnacle of social image. Those fads swept the nation until they were bought up by corporations and marketing, and were full fledge mainstream. Oddly enough a $300 a day smack habit or a six fo pancaked sittin’ on triple gold D’s were not for the poor amongst us. Pro wrestling being pretty much the bottom rung of “cultured’ entertainment, it for sure ain’t no Masterpiece Theater, is actually powered by the same concept of what politics has become, or what highschool was, a popularity contest. In the old days the match outcomes were actually decided by which wrestler got the loudest reaction from the crowd, either loudest cheers, or loudest boos. But it’s a drama meant to get a reaction from the crowd, or in this case the general public. These “angles” as they are called are planned out from the beginning, who are friends, who are enemy’s, who turns on who, who gets screwed, who gets revenge, its all meant to win over a certain idea in the viewers minds.

Looking at Bush, and his head keeper Karl Rove, I think we have such a written script on our hands. Bush has a team of media consultants that set up his press conferences, his photo ops, every square inch is planned out of what you see on your tv, pixel if you got LCD. Bush is flanked by more media outlets than you can shake a stick at all gunning for the same thing, Bush’s greatness. The town halls with the strict adherence to no opposition is evidence of this, he his being premed and prepped to be a legacy. But he’s not on his own, so we have image management. I don’t think Bush is the only one in this society, seems there are lots of people wanting to follow in their hero’s footsteps, or false prop up someone as the next so and so. Redundant referencing ad nauseum. So that leaves two questions, just how far will they go to prop up Bush, and will it just be blatantly obvious he is not the legend they made Reagan out to be, or JPII, oddly enough there deaths flanked his reelection. And secondly, is there someone higher than Bush? Will Rove punk Bush to put over his next minion to the masses?

Remember the good old days? When a legend was a legend, when how great you were was something that just happened, you got done, and people were like holy shit that was fucking incredible, when the legend was undeniable, when it was by definition what that person was, and not some scripted advertising fad researched out of marketing data and spoon feed to our impulse buying, gotta have it now, society that clings so desperately to not being an also ran generation flanked by greatness.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Just A Friendly Game...

   By PhilKll at 12:48 AM

Have you noticed that “debating” has become more like an Ultimate Fighting Championship than an exchange of information in a point counterpoint fashion? Seems these days that which our fore fathers held so dear that they would make it the first Amendment has, like so many things before it, been whored to the Almighty Dollar. Gone is any semblance of civility, gone is the essence of what a debate is supposed to be. I've was never in the debate club in high school, but I've taken more than a few classes where we were to defend ideas we had formulated, I was taught the riggers of debate, not so much in the standard format of political debates, I use the term loosely as they might point counterpoint, but they are merely preplanned back rubs on each candidates parts, or more of a sandbox hissy fit by two or more spoiled brats, but to listen and response with a certain civility, with a proper conduct, so that not only were both sides heard, but that there was a common understanding between the two. That being we were usually both interested in ascending our knowledge, not just stroking yesterday with the lies of today. And maybe here in lies the problem.

What was different between those college courses I took, and what we see in the media today? I set forth two answers. The first is, imagine if all of a sudden your favorite radio talk show host came on the air and said, folks, I've been doing this for x amount of years and today I have seen the light, all this time I have been wrong, misguided, lying to myself. Sure that person might have filled and empty void in their soul, but just kicked their lively hood in the balls. They loose their listeners who tune in for one of two reasons, to have their ideology spooned or to be whipped into a frothy foamed mouth anger at the lies told to them by this host. The listeners freak and spin the dial, the producer has a heart attack, the program manager breaks out in a cold sweat, and the advertisers drop the ads, thats a big pill to swallow. Another is similar but not money related.

Who wants to find out they've been living a lie, who wants to give up the rope that has held them when they were at the end of it? And what if they do? Whose to say the lie you found yesterday for, isn't going to be tomorrows gullibility? Life isn't linear from start to finish, we learn along the way, our experiences shape and mold us, our beliefs and emotions make our decisions. A lot of people hide behind this wall, its got safety and comfort, but if you over specialize you breed weakness, and it crumbles to the ground. And as it is so painfully obvious, emotions are what these people are arguing.

Anger sells, action sells, raw damage sells, train wrecks sell, all of these things make for great entertainment but at what cost? Whose selling t his crap? and is it them, or the people two blame, we're capitalist, if it don't sell, it don't make money, chicken and the egg. We can argue until we are blue in the faces and thats all we'll be, running out of oxygen as Rome falls under its own weight again. I like to call it information inflation, info-tainment, docu-dramas, ripped from the headlines tv, its time we drop the hollywood scripted bullshit, and care more about the information exchange, and no, that doesn't mean you can tell all those who oppose you that they are doing this, this also means you have to look in the mirror too. Damn I hate when people do that, you must shoot yourself, before you shoot someone else, less you succumb to hypocrasy.

Friday, April 22, 2005

For the Record: Making Ann Coulter Right

   By Marion Delgado at 6:32 PM

Justice Thomas defends himself at his 1991 confirmation hearing
Photo: AP
For the record, I'll say that Clarence Thomas is a colored lawn jockey for conservative white interests. Moreover, he's a race-betraying black snake, a chicken-and-biscuit-eating Uncle Tom, a Benedict Arnold and Judas Iscariot who doesn't understand his status as a handkerchief-head house Negro.

Now, you Coulter haters can't say no one didn't make all these ad hominem statements in one place. And if I am not in fact, the NYT, I do have a pet (well, semi-tame) squirrel NAMED "The New York Times" so one of the controlling interests in the NYT has clearly stated these extremist things about Justice Thomas.

"The New York Times" eating an acorn covered with black tar heroin
If that reasoning is too squirrely for you, let me add that I expect to see Time or NEWSWEEK do a puff-piece cover story on Ward Churchill any day now. And then where will you be?

The Daily Howler: "COULTER (Slander; page 12): After Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote an opinion contrary to the clearly expressed position of the New York Times editorial page, the Times responded with an editorial on Thomas titled “The Youngest, Cruelest Justice.” That was actually the headline on a lead editorial in the Newspaper of Record. Thomas is not engaged on the substance of his judicial philosophy. He is called “a colored lawn jockey for conservative white interests,” “race traitor,” “black snake,” “chicken-and-biscuit-eating Uncle Tom,” [39] “house Negro” and “handkerchief head,” “Benedict Arnold” [40] and “Judas Iscariot.” [41]"

Why absolutely everyone should be disturbed by the death of Marla Ruzicka

   By Marion Delgado at 3:42 AM

If you're a journalist as I have been off and on, you should be disturbed because she was killed doing what should be your job. Working with both the US military and Iraqi officials and civilians, without being coopted by any of them, she was successfully obtaining the most vital information in Iraq and Afghanistan. Journalists were covering W and his fake turkey.

If you're someone who thinks that the insurgents are more the right side than the occupying troops, as I do, then it's surely disturbing that they killed off someone who was arguably rendering an irreplaceable service to the cause of Iraqi security and freedom. Now, thanks to the suicide bomber or bombers, the neocon warhawks can say whatever they want about the Iraqi casualty rates of their bombings and raids, and who's left on the ground to say them nay?

If you're a right-winger, it should disturb you that your compatriots at Free Republic cheered the death by "terrorists" of someone who was working every day with the US military and helping to determine something they have formally declared is part of their operational goal - getting a better estimate of Iraqi civilian casualties of military operations.

If you're someone who likes things black and white with neat corners, it should bother you that in a lot of ways the situation in Iraq is not a 2-player zero sum game. It's more amorphous than that, with it being possible for both the US military and the insurgents to lose or benefit and for third parties to ally and split off and even not know themselves which side they're on. Marla Ruzicka was helping the anti-war movement and the Iraqis who want the US to leave, but she was also helping the US military. She worked with officers and generals every day - that's one reason she was killed with a military convoy.

If you're someone who wants to do what you do in the US or the rest of the First World, and the worst consequences for you there as a journalist are losing your career and being blackballed, or perhaps jailed, and as a protester to be injured by rubber bullets or beanbags or CS gas or batons, but not usually in a permanently disfiguring or crippling way and almost never fatally - it's a reminder that in the Middle East and Latin America (at least) the sky's the limit. I believe American forces, at least "special" ones, are murdering journalists, and insurgents and rebels and terrorists and third world government hit squads certainly are - in the case of Al Qaeda, torturing and murdering, as they did to journalist Daniel Pearl. Protesters can end up like Laurie Berenson or like Rachel Corrie. Surely it's disturbing to realize that the stakes somewhere else are probably higher than you want to play for.

[ON EDIT] I should have said alongside or intermingled with the military convoy. As far as I can tell, it was the probable target of the attack and the suicide bomber mistook the vehicle for part of the convoy. The other two people killed were her translator, Faiz Ali Salim and a European security guard whose name has not been released. When I read that a guard had been killed I thought it was someone in the US military.

Also, I should make it very clear that Ruzicka was a human rights crusader and the founder of an NGO,and not a journalist. My only point in bringing in journalism is that the facts she was after - the casualty count of US bombing - should have been the first thing journalists went looking for.

I'd also like to note that, with the notable dishonorable exception of the horrid faux-Libertarian Debbie Schlussel who showed her true colors as a fascist ghoul, the US press has been very respectful in its coverage of Ruzicka's death. That should not be overlooked or taken for granted.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

1960’s Mentality in the 21st Century Political

   By PhilKll at 11:57 PM

Remember the 60’s? That time of social revolution that supposedly stamped out inequality? Segregation? And a whole boat load of –ism’s? That old adage that ’s don’t die, they just go to hell to regroup, lives true for not the overt stereotyping and unwarranted assumptions of groups of people that occurred then, but for a new seedy underbelly of the mental state of this country. Glass ceilings, secret societies, and the like are not the only under the breath manifestations of these remnants of those mid evil American times. Taking a look not at the effects of those beliefs but at the causes, the thought process’, shows that the Fallacy of Composition (that being that what is true of the parts is true of the whole) reigns free in the spectrum of media outlet opinion, or MOO as I call it, cause the cow with the loudest mic is heard by the biggest section of the heard.

What am I getting at you ask, well I heard a talk show host I will refrain from naming, not out of respect, but out of the same fallacy I mentioned above, I'll let you listen, and see just how many times from how many different people you hear this happen. What these people are doing, is finding one voice of many, and projecting that voice on to the whole of the political side. How many times have you heard Ward Churchill used as the “voice” of all things liberal, or Falwell used as the “voice” of all things conservative. You find the most extreme example, which is usually an out of context snippet, and then juxtapose it with the entire group, such as, Christian Democrats or Atheist Republicans, these people exist, but if you were to listen to the media, they are as real as the Easter Bunny.

We bandaided the problem, do this and you get shocked, the social revolution that was supposed to free our minds, and transcend us from the era of slavery, gender bias, racism, stereotypes, etc, was little more than the infinite loop of the better radar gun to outwit the radar detector. Absolutely nothing was ever taught on why or how we think the way we do, the tree was trimmed, but the roots are still breaking up the foundation of the house. The players have changed, but the game remains the same.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

BartCop - No one's as definitive on the Clinton impeachment

   By Marion Delgado at 7:14 PM

BartCop's most recent rants - Political Humor and Commentary:

Subject: The Clintons

Clinton wasn't impeached for having a girlfriend. He was impeached for holding a special primetime news conference to tell the country he did not have sexual relations with that woman and then later admitting he did.

  1. that's not a crime
  2. he had to hold that press conference because the GOP made that the only issue in America when we should have been focusing on things like Saudi students taking flight simulator lessons

  3. It's none of our business what goes on inside Clinton's pants

  4. compared to Bush lying 1560 soldiers into their graves, Clinton did nothing wrong

  5. According to the law, Clinton never had 'sexual relations' with Monica

I was appalled by this.

You were appalled that a powerful man had a girlfriend?
Trust me - they all have girlfriends. The difference is Clinton was so good at kicking the asses of Republican war heroes they decided to throw away the unwritten rule book and impeach him for doing something they were all doing. They had to cheat to beat him.

If he has a girlfriend well that isn't an impeachable offense- but the flat out lying about it to the whole country!

Dude, if lying at a press conference was a crime there'd be nobody left to run the government. If cheating on your wife made you ineligible to hold office, I'd be f-ing president.
Plus, nobody died when Clinton told a white lie about a private matter that wasn't our business. Why no outrage at the lies that killed 100,000 innocent Iraqis?.

I think it created a lot of anti-Clinton voters.

Gee, I don't know.
Gore won the popular vote, remember?

I think 'W' won against Gore because a lot of voters saw Gore as Clinton's replacement. Personally I was upset with all the Democrats who backed Clinton during the impeachment. After the truth came out I wanted him to resign.

Clinton is, without any doubt, the most investigated man in all of recorded h story and all they could find was a semi, sorta half-affair.
If 1,000 reporters and every TV network spent 10 years and $100M investigating you and threatening everyone you ever met with death in prison if you didn't talk- how would you do?

I don't think you can justify Clinton's actions by pointing out Republican shortcomings. Even after "W's" screwing the country/world Clinton's actions are no less dispicable.

Cheating on your wife is despicable. You'll never hear me say it's not.
Lying to get steal trillions of dollars while killing 1560 soldiers is also despicable.
Yet somehow, I think one is worse. I guess I'm guilty of moral relativism.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Rummy Saddam... AND Bolton?

   By PhilKll at 3:32 PM

As Montag pointed out today this now famous encounter may have also included John Bolton, who as of late has been making Rummy like waves in the news. More Information on this encouter can be found at as well as the actual video in hi or low fidelity wmv format, so bring MS media player. I present this picture here for your judgement, the face has been enlarged, and de-interlaced removing the odd fields and interpolating, the recent Bolton photo was also edited in to this compilation for ease of comparison.

Dates of the visit and what Bolton was doing at the time:
According to Bolton's biography on
he was the Assistant Admin for Program and Policy Coordination, U.S. Agency for International Development 82-83, and
Rumsfeld's visit took place December of 1983 from the 19th to the 20th.

Wolcott, always 'must read,' also a "must hear" this Monday on Sedition.

   By Calico Cat at 1:56 PM

James Wolcott, one of the smart-bloggers and a real writer too, is always on my "must read" list. When our trusty news bot, MrBlueAdept, posts notice of one his latest offerings, I always jump to it. Tomororow, he's on Morning Sedition, but read him daily to help keep your spirits up and to steal great lines to skewer the 'rethuglicans' with style and aplomb. (click graphic for link)

I'll be on Air America's Morning Sedition tomorrow (Monday) sometime in the AM between 8:30 and 9. I believe we--and by "we," I mean hosts Marc Maron and Mark Riley, and little ol' me--are going to use my most recent Vanity Fair column as a flimsy excuse to tell tawdry backstage anecdotes about famous comedians and their rampaging egos. I have Shecky Green stories I've been keeping in the freezer for decades for just such occasions

Why We're All Gonna Die

   By buttersquash at 2:52 AM

This article in Rolling Stone, "The Long Emergency" by James Howard Kunstler, paints a grim picture of the inevitable results of shrinking oil production.

This is not merely ranting from an eco-fanatic. Even the Department of Energy is quoted as saying about the fact that we have reached peak oil production in 2005, and that from now on, each year will see less oil production: "the world has never faced a problem like this. Without massive mitigation more than a decade before the fact, the problem will be pervasive and will not be temporary."

Meanwhile, our moronic "leaders" keep pushing idiotic "solutions" in the way of illegally invading sovereign nations, thus enraging the very people we're going to have to depend on for a shrinking share of future oil resources, with China as a growing competitor.

Despite this, American idiots continue driving SUVs and guzzling oil like there's no tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is here.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Holy Bat Squeeze! Ohio Recount and Media Censorship

   By Fancy Pants Elitist at 5:01 PM

I was listening today to a replay of Thom Hartmann, and he revealed a story that is ONLY at the Ohio Beacon in Acron Ohio, published on APRIL 9th! Seems that the state of Ohio has hired a Special Prosecutur to look into the recount in Cayahoga County. A SPECIAL PROSECUTER, and there's been absolutely no coverage in any other papers.... not the NY Times, not the Washington Post, no tv coverage, nada!

"Erie County Prosecutor Kevin J. Baxter is investigating whether the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections broke the law in its recount of ballots from the November presidential election."

So we need to start spreading this information to all of the blogs we can. And we need to contact the AP, and other press outlets. Get on the Daily Kos, go to every blog you can think of, sign up and BLOG about this.

Holy Bat Squeeze our media is so controlled!

Warning, you have to register with the Akron Beacon for this article, but it's free.

James W reminds me of a creed that has stayed with me nearly all my life

   By Marion Delgado at 3:47 AM

James Wolcott: Sunday Sermonette:
"'I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church.

'All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.

'I do not mean by this declaration to condemn those who believe otherwise. They have the same right to their belief as I have to mine. But it is necessary to the happiness of man, that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving: it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe.'

-- Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason --

Friday, April 15, 2005

Tom "Rat Bastard" DeLay, the Leader of Sleeze, Built a House of Scandal.

   By Calico Cat at 10:25 AM

(click graphic) Visit Tom "Rat Bastard" DeLay's "House of Scandal."

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Open Letter to Mike Malloy

   By One Angry Patriot at 8:16 PM

I'm writing to apologize for offending you with my phone call last night. I understand that you are not responsible for the advertising on Air America, and it wasn't my intent to criticize you for something you're not responsible for. I have sent email to Air America regarding PSAs paid for by the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. I have yet to receive a reply to this email, although it was sent over two weeks ago. I have also posted my concerns at [this blog] , an unofficial website and chat room for Air America listeners. Several people on the blog and in the chat room have expressed similar concerns about these PSAs, and I felt that these concerns should be discussed on the air.

As I'm sure you're aware, US drug policies are a dismal failure, and a waste of human life and taxpayer resources. Mandatory minimum sentencing laws have restricted judges from excercising discretion to allow the punishment to fit the severity of the crime. The Higher Education Act allows violent convicted criminals such as murderers and rapists to obtain tuition assistance from the federal government, yet non-violent convicted drug offenders are not allowed the same assistance.

The average marijuana arrest takes two police officers off the street for four hours, while violent criminals are free to run rampant. In many states, a very small amount of drugs can result in a felony conviction, which can result in the permanent loss of the right to vote. Regardless of your opinion on drug crime, I'm sure you can agree that blocking ex-offenders from political participation undermines the process of re-integrating them into society as productive, engaged citizens.

Editor's note: The Office of National Drug Control Policy has also engaged in a covert propaganda campaign, useing tax payer funds, featuring use of "fake news" reports in the form of video news releases."

What's at stake if we lie down on the "we have no values" meme:

   By Marion Delgado at 5:06 AM

This was a followup to Amy Sullivan and her boyfriend Noam Scheiber (get married, you two "anything goes" valueless Hollywood style hedonists, or keep your goddamn clothes on and your hands above the waist, 'kay? And is that his damn TOOTHBRUSH in your bathroom?) suggesting we jump on the GOP bandwagon and give struggling parents censorship help, given that it's impossible to keep them employed at a living wage anyway. That's so last millenium.

I personally am not a social liberal or libertarian on every issue, but spotting the GOP anything on their freakish ploys is just plain - well, evil. Immoral. Bad for kids, bad for parents.

This comment (to digby's comment on Scheiber's contribution) completely nails down everything that needs to be said, that won't be said. - Comments:

"Let's be clear on this: most of the great innovations of the 18th century (like the ideas of popular sovereignty, inalienable individual rights, due process, and separation of powers) were most forcefully advocated by rabid, violent anticlericals. Many of them were freemasons, most believed in some kind of God but also believed that organized religion was corrupt, evil, and an enemy of freedom and good government. Our founding fathers were, most of them, church haters. Yet Jefferson and Adams, Paine and Locke are among the people that the DLC types like Schieber would be embarrassed about today: 'too extreme,' 'not sufficiently respectful of people's faith,' etc. etc. Wake up and smell the coffee: we are no longer fighting to preserve the Great Society or even the New Deal. We are fighting to preserve the Age of Reason! (yes, postmodernist trash, I know that term is politically incorrect. ask me if I care.)

If we do need to reach out to people of faith, the only way we'll succeed is by driving a wedge between them and their self-appointed 'leaders,' not by meeting dangerous extremists halfway. Time to start by leading a campaign to strip tax-exempt status from churches proven to have distributed partisan literature in-house. And if that means our black churches also have to change their ways, so be it.
the exile "

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Deafening Silence still surrounds the "Proactive Preemptive Operations Group" (P2OG)

   By Calico Cat at 12:04 PM

(click graphic for full story)
"Proactive Preemptive Operations Group" (P2OG) will require 100 people and at least $100 million a year. The team of covert counter-intelligence agents will be responsible for secret missions designed to target terrorist leaders. The secret missions are designed to "stimulate reactions" among terrorist groups, provoking them into committing violent acts which would then expose them to "counterattack" by U.S. forces. "

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Who is Lynne Stewart?

   By Calico Cat at 12:08 PM

Visit Lynne Stewart's web site (click graphic for link). Posted by Hello

Keeping Track of the Blood

   By Calico Cat at 1:41 AM

Keeping track of the blood. The US Government doesn't want you to know how bad, bad is, this site will help you keep up. Click graphic for link, add for bookmarks... Posted by Hello

Friday, April 08, 2005

Drop the Hammer: Tom DeLay, Rat Bastard

   By Calico Cat at 8:10 PM

Click for the Flow chart of DeLay's Corruption.

NY Achievement in Radio Awards - Mike Malloy Wins!

   By Marion Delgado at 12:01 AM

NY Achievement in Radio Awards

Best Talk Show

Air America
Al Franken
Air America
Mike Malloy **WINNER**
Air America
Randi Rhodes
Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby
Joan Hamburg
Karen Hunter & Steve Malzberg

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Air America Radio brought to you by the War on Drugs

   By One Angry Patriot at 12:41 AM

Every 20 seconds in America, someone is arrested for a drug offense. Every second the US government spends over $600 on drug enforcement. Every second, the governments of the 50 states combined spend over $1,000 on drug enforcement. Almost a half million people have been arrested for drug offenses since the beginning of this year. So far this year, state and federal spending on drug enforcement exceeds $13.5 billion.

Our nation's drug policies are destroying lives and wasting money at an enormous rate. The Higher Education Act prevents potential students from receiving federal financial aid for college tuition if they have a drug offense on their criminal record, but not if they've been convicted of a more serious offense like rape or murder. In many states, felons are banned from voting for life, after they've already paid their debt to society. Violent criminals are able to run rampant, while police are occupied with small time non-violent drug dealers and users. The average marijuana arrest takes two police officers off the street for four hours.

Air America Radio receives advertising money from the principal agencies involved in the War on Drugs. The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, and the Ad Council are using Air America Radio to propagate drug war propaganda. While these "public service announcements" sound innocuous, exhorting parents to keep tabs on their children, they are propaganda nonetheless. I personally find such advertising practices by a self-proclaimed progressive talk radio network to be reprehensible and hypocritical.

Monday, April 04, 2005

2005 Report: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2003-2004

   By Calico Cat at 11:07 AM

Michael Jackson, Terri Schiavo, Michael Jackson, Robert Blake, Social Security, Michael Jackson, Terri Schiavo, Terri Schiavo, Social Security, Prince Charles, Prince Charles, Tom DeLay, Tom DeLay, Michael Jackson, Terri Schiavo, Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope, Google News, "Search and browse 4,500 news sources updated and continuously censored," the relentless din of the distract-o-matic news media...yet, something is missing here.

Each year, a group from Sonoma State University, Project Censored, issues a report of the 25 most censored stories inside the United States. As the hear-see-speak-no-evil "flying monkey" right-wing media won't talk about them, we're suggesting that you visit and see -- as Greg Palast puts it -- what is bouncing off the "Eletronic Berlin Wall" surrounding the United States.

Top on the list this year -- and who wouldda thunk it:

At least look at the site and then you can slip back into -- Michael Jackson, Terri Schiavo, Michael Jackson, Robert Blake, Social Security, Michael Jackson, Terri Schiavo, Terri Schiavo, Social Security, Prince Charles, Prince Charles, Tom DeLay, Tom DeLay, Michael Jackson, Terri Schiavo, Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope, Google News, "Search and browse 4,500 news sources updated continuously." Sorry, my monitor is running out of ink.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Tom Delay at Schiavo Memorial Service

   By Calico Cat at 11:43 AM

(Tampa, Aug. 3, 2005, Newsmax) Congressman Tom DeLay (R-Sugar Land), speaking at a memorial for Terri Schiavo, today, announced his "firm resolve" to "make sure those judges pay with their lives for killing this poor woman." He continued, "I'm calling on all God-fearing Christians to take to the streets, to seek out and kill any who oppose us." Delay has donated an urn for Schiavo's remains but said he is also selling Scapulars containing bits of her ashes. Delay said proceeds from the Scapular sales will help to arm those who will, in his words, "soon bring holy vengeance upon those who oppose the culture of life."

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Tsunami, Iraq, Schiavo by the numbers

   By Marion Delgado at 3:58 AM

Currency Exchange on the Life Markets for April 2005:

  • 1 dead Terri Schiavo: 15,000 mentions on TV

  • 300,000 dead Tsunami victims (2 weeks following): 9,000 mentions on TV

  • 100,000+ dead Iraq War victims (during 2 weeks of Schiavo coverage) 2,900 mentions on TV

1 brain-dead white American woman = 450,000 South Asians or 500,000 Iraqis.

And I have news for our fundamentalist Christian friends. Hitler, long before he was in a position to do "mercy killing," was pandering to Christian conservatives in Germany and promising to clean up their decadent, Jew-controlled media, and vowing military retribution against everyone who had attacked the homeland. Mussolini was off distracting the populace with imperialist ventures in Ethiopia, where he was spreading the values of the West and toppling the dictator Hailie Selassie. News | A tale told by an idiot:
What is telling about the excessive coverage is how right-wing activists, with heavy-hitter help from Washington, were able to lead the press around, as if on a leash, for nearly two weeks as they pumped up what had been a long-simmering (seven years) family legal dispute and turned it into the most-covered story since a tsunami in Asia three months ago left approximately 300,000 people dead or missing. In the past two weeks the cable outlets and networks have mentioned 'Schiavo' more than 15,000 times. By comparison, during the two weeks following the Asian humanitarian crisis, those same outlets mentioned 'tsunami' approximately 9,000 times, according to TVEyes, the digital monitoring service. (As for television's long-forgotten Iraq war, it garnered just 2,900 TV mentions over the two weeks that Schiavo mania ran rampant.)

Friday, April 01, 2005

Unfiltered Blog : Rachel Maddow Show 5-6 AM EST on Air America

   By Marion Delgado at 11:16 AM

The death by a thousand cuts continues?

Unfiltered Blog:
"Fear not, faithful listeners! Dr. Rachel Maddow is in the midst of creating the most important, attitudinal, well-informed, edgiest news hour you've ever heard in your life. The Rachel Maddow Show (working title) will be the kick-start you need in the morning to stay informed, win at the water cooler and annoy your Republican relatives. Rachel's show will air from 5am to 6am (Eastern Standard Time), Monday through Friday on the Air America Radio Network. Jerry Springer will replace Unfiltered beginning Friday April 1st, 2005."

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