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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Holy Bat Squeeze! Ohio Recount and Media Censorship

   By Fancy Pants Elitist at 5:01 PM

I was listening today to a replay of Thom Hartmann, and he revealed a story that is ONLY at the Ohio Beacon in Acron Ohio, published on APRIL 9th! Seems that the state of Ohio has hired a Special Prosecutur to look into the recount in Cayahoga County. A SPECIAL PROSECUTER, and there's been absolutely no coverage in any other papers.... not the NY Times, not the Washington Post, no tv coverage, nada!

"Erie County Prosecutor Kevin J. Baxter is investigating whether the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections broke the law in its recount of ballots from the November presidential election."

So we need to start spreading this information to all of the blogs we can. And we need to contact the AP, and other press outlets. Get on the Daily Kos, go to every blog you can think of, sign up and BLOG about this.

Holy Bat Squeeze our media is so controlled!

Warning, you have to register with the Akron Beacon for this article, but it's free.


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For password access to silly

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