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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

BartCop - No one's as definitive on the Clinton impeachment

   By Marion Delgado at 7:14 PM

BartCop's most recent rants - Political Humor and Commentary:

Subject: The Clintons

Clinton wasn't impeached for having a girlfriend. He was impeached for holding a special primetime news conference to tell the country he did not have sexual relations with that woman and then later admitting he did.

  1. that's not a crime
  2. he had to hold that press conference because the GOP made that the only issue in America when we should have been focusing on things like Saudi students taking flight simulator lessons

  3. It's none of our business what goes on inside Clinton's pants

  4. compared to Bush lying 1560 soldiers into their graves, Clinton did nothing wrong

  5. According to the law, Clinton never had 'sexual relations' with Monica

I was appalled by this.

You were appalled that a powerful man had a girlfriend?
Trust me - they all have girlfriends. The difference is Clinton was so good at kicking the asses of Republican war heroes they decided to throw away the unwritten rule book and impeach him for doing something they were all doing. They had to cheat to beat him.

If he has a girlfriend well that isn't an impeachable offense- but the flat out lying about it to the whole country!

Dude, if lying at a press conference was a crime there'd be nobody left to run the government. If cheating on your wife made you ineligible to hold office, I'd be f-ing president.
Plus, nobody died when Clinton told a white lie about a private matter that wasn't our business. Why no outrage at the lies that killed 100,000 innocent Iraqis?.

I think it created a lot of anti-Clinton voters.

Gee, I don't know.
Gore won the popular vote, remember?

I think 'W' won against Gore because a lot of voters saw Gore as Clinton's replacement. Personally I was upset with all the Democrats who backed Clinton during the impeachment. After the truth came out I wanted him to resign.

Clinton is, without any doubt, the most investigated man in all of recorded h story and all they could find was a semi, sorta half-affair.
If 1,000 reporters and every TV network spent 10 years and $100M investigating you and threatening everyone you ever met with death in prison if you didn't talk- how would you do?

I don't think you can justify Clinton's actions by pointing out Republican shortcomings. Even after "W's" screwing the country/world Clinton's actions are no less dispicable.

Cheating on your wife is despicable. You'll never hear me say it's not.
Lying to get steal trillions of dollars while killing 1560 soldiers is also despicable.
Yet somehow, I think one is worse. I guess I'm guilty of moral relativism.


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