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Friday, April 22, 2005

For the Record: Making Ann Coulter Right

   By Marion Delgado at 6:32 PM

Justice Thomas defends himself at his 1991 confirmation hearing
Photo: AP
For the record, I'll say that Clarence Thomas is a colored lawn jockey for conservative white interests. Moreover, he's a race-betraying black snake, a chicken-and-biscuit-eating Uncle Tom, a Benedict Arnold and Judas Iscariot who doesn't understand his status as a handkerchief-head house Negro.

Now, you Coulter haters can't say no one didn't make all these ad hominem statements in one place. And if I am not in fact, the NYT, I do have a pet (well, semi-tame) squirrel NAMED "The New York Times" so one of the controlling interests in the NYT has clearly stated these extremist things about Justice Thomas.

"The New York Times" eating an acorn covered with black tar heroin
If that reasoning is too squirrely for you, let me add that I expect to see Time or NEWSWEEK do a puff-piece cover story on Ward Churchill any day now. And then where will you be?

The Daily Howler: "COULTER (Slander; page 12): After Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote an opinion contrary to the clearly expressed position of the New York Times editorial page, the Times responded with an editorial on Thomas titled “The Youngest, Cruelest Justice.” That was actually the headline on a lead editorial in the Newspaper of Record. Thomas is not engaged on the substance of his judicial philosophy. He is called “a colored lawn jockey for conservative white interests,” “race traitor,” “black snake,” “chicken-and-biscuit-eating Uncle Tom,” [39] “house Negro” and “handkerchief head,” “Benedict Arnold” [40] and “Judas Iscariot.” [41]"


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