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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Bush's One-Fingered Victory Salute

   By gimmeLiberty at 4:57 PM

Check out this historic footage (quicktime, 1MB) of Bush as governor flipping the bird to the camera. Brought to you from Video Vote Vigil.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Are You PEAD?

   By Emelius at 8:48 PM

Are you having a difficult time sleeping? Anxious? Find yourself yelling at people to shut up every time you see that map of the red and blue states come on the news with the latest tracking polls and EV's? You may be suffering from PEAD. Pre-Election Anxiety Disorder. This is caused from the stress of political election overload. Hammered with ads every few minutes, polls that flip every other day, pundits calling it for both candidates are causing a mass case of mental instability across this country that is affecting the health of millions. So if you will excuse me, I need to sweep up the finger nail bits that have collected around my chair from biting them, take my ulcer medication, and set up another TV so I can watch all 3 CSpans at one time.

And The Winner Is Unknown

   By Emelius at 8:12 PM

Traditionally the US has a president by Wednesday morning. Some think that with all the oddities, that we will know a few days after the polls close this Tuesday. However, with the inclusion of provisional ballots and other strange circumstances, we may not know until December who our president elect is. In fact with all the lawyers, absent ballots, and shenanigans, we may see the winner of the election switch back and forth many times. Truth be told, this election may never be decided. America may be in more trouble than the 2000 elections.

Getting Really Desperate

   By gimmeLiberty at 3:05 AM

Bushco's Ken Mehlman admitted to using a doctored photo in a Bush advertisement released on Thursday, 10-28-2004.
He called it an "Editing error."

Look right under the words "TV AD" in the picture, and you'll see a group of 3 soldiers in there thrice and a group of 2 soldiers twice.
This is a pic with the soldiers circled for you.

Friday, October 29, 2004

   By Calico Cat at 4:31 PM

NASA Scientist looks into the bulge and finds very conclusive evidence that Bush had something on under his jacket."I am willing to stake my scientific reputation to the statement that Bush was wearing something under his jacket during the debate," he says. "This is not about a bad suit. And there's no way the bulge can be described as a wrinkled shirt," says Dr. Robert M. Nelson
I think it was a wire for him to get instructions on. Remember him blerting out, "Let me finish." No one was interrupting Commander AWOL. He's just so strange. (click the link for the story in

Amusing little bit in the NY Post

   By PoliticalGeek at 2:22 AM

October 29, 2004 -- CONSPIRACY theorists are buzzing about John Kerry's connection to Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK assassina tion. While no one in the lunatic fringe has gone so far as to suggest Kerry helped kill Kennedy — yet — they make much of the fact that a cousin of Kerry's, Michael Paine, was a close friend of Oswald who fre quently had the assassin as a house guest. Paine even stored the rifle Oswald used to shoot Kennedy at his house. Paine's mother, Ruth Forbes, and Kerry's mother, Rosemary Forbes, were cousins. It has never been fully explained how Oswald came to have such socially prominent pals, says A.J. Weberman, author of the JFK assassination book "Coup D'Etat in America," who notes that according to documents released under the JFK Documents Act, Paine's sister-in-law and father-in-law were both closely connected with the CIA

Thursday, October 28, 2004


   By Emelius at 6:57 PM

Lostolive gave us this little gem tonight. It is a collection of the hottest and most frightening Halloween costumes for this years trick or treating.

Iraqi National Anthem

   By Emelius at 1:05 AM

If Saddam were to somehow come back to power, there would need to be a new national anthem. So without any prompting, we threw a few things together in the chat.

The New Iraqi National Anthem
By PTSC & EmeliusBrowne

Yeah, he's SADDAM
Yeah, he's DA BOMB!
Holy holy holy holy holy holy Saddaaamm
Saddam he's our hero, hero, hero
He's better than Nero, Nero, Nero
Bush is a zero, zero, zero
Gimme a gyro, gyro, gyro
Saddam is really neat.
Saddam is made of meat.
Oh Saddaaamm, how we love you.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Watch Pron And Get Beaten, It's The American Way

   By Emelius at 9:16 PM

4 Britons, after being held in US custody for 2 1/2 years, have filed a law suit for $10 million US each. The 4 claim that they were totured, forced to watch sodomy videos, starved, and a host of other things that were listed in a 115 page document filed in US courts.

In a statement the three men said: "For nearly 900 days ... we barely escaped death, then we endured grim captivity as if we were animals and suffered torture, isolation and daily humiliation ... It was highly organised and was carried out by US personnel, civilian and military."

Hitchens Unites Us All - Endorses Kerry AND Bush

   By Marion Delgado at 3:48 AM

My theory, even Hitchens can't stand to read Hitchens. He's the weird holiday fruitcake of columnists. Passed around, never digested.

Slate Votes

At this magazine, it's Kerry by a landslide!

Christopher Hitchens, Contributor: Kerry

I am assuming for now that this is a single-issue election. There is one's subjective vote, one's objective vote, and one's ironic vote. Subjectively, Bush (and Blair) deserve to be re-elected because they called the enemy by its right name and were determined to confront it. Objectively, Bush deserves to be sacked for his flabbergasting failure to prepare for such an essential confrontation. Subjectively, Kerry should be put in the pillory for his inability to hold up on principle under any kind of pressure. Objectively, his election would compel mainstream and liberal Democrats to get real about Iraq.

The ironic votes are the endorsements for Kerry that appear in Buchanan's anti-war sheet The American Conservative, and the support for Kerry's pro-war candidacy manifested by those simple folks at I can't compete with this sort of thing, but I do think that Bush deserves praise for his implacability, and that Kerry should get his worst private nightmare and have to report for duty.

Slate Votes: At this magazine, it's Kerry by a landslide!

By the way, I doubt Hitchens actually CAN vote.

Why I'm (Slightly) for Bush

by Christopher Hitchens

The election season is always hellish for people who fancy that they live by political principles, because at such a time "politics" becomes, even more than usually, a matter of show business and superficial calculation. Ever since 1980, when I bet the liberals of New York that Reagan would win easily (and didn't have to buy my own lunch for months afterward), I have sympathized with the "prisoners' dilemma" that faces liberals and leftists every four years. The shady term "lesser evil" was evolved to deal with this very trap. Should you endorse a Democrat in whom you don't really believe? Is it time for that deep-breath third-party vote, or even angry abstention, of the sort that has tortured some Nation readers ever since they just couldn't take Humphrey over Nixon? This magazine prints columnists who regularly describe the terms of the captivity with more emotion than I can now summon.

Why I'm (Slightly) for Bush

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

   By Calico Cat at 4:47 PM

Palast: "A secret document obtained from inside Bush campaign headquarters in Florida suggests a plan - possibly in violation of US law - to disrupt voting in the state's African-American voting districts, a BBC Newsnight investigation reveals."

Monday, October 25, 2004

Florida Denied!

   By Emelius at 6:43 PM

      In what can only be seen as a set back for voters in Florida, a judge has rejected the need for a paper trail in voting. In a lawsuit, filed by U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, it was contended that Florida had no accurate way to count votes from touch screen voting machines in the event that a recount was needed.

Touch-screen machines "provide sufficient safeguards" of constitutional rights by warning voters when they have not cast votes in individual races and allowing them to make a final review of their ballots, U.S. District Judge James Cohn ruled.

      This goes beyond right or left politics. This is about every American's vote counting. All American's should be outraged at the thought that votes may be lost, corrupted, or miscast. As a Floridian, I have been following this issue for more than a year and have read the reports from small town papers and previous errors. The fact is that there has not been one single smooth election on these machines since they have entered our election process.

      Now before you go damning Florida and blaming it for it's shortfalls, I would ask you to look at your state as well. This is a trend I have found that lives in each and every state in this country. I ask that you get involved in knowing what is happening in your own backyards instead of your neighbors and bring these issues to the surface in the hopes of making sure that no voter is denied their right to elect a leader of the great country.

      While Wexler will appeal the ruling to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, it is too late to see any change in this election. This further proves the point that we need to act early and educate. While some say that we need to vote early or through absentee, let us remember that in 2000 there was massive fraud in all states with absentee ballots as well as voter ignorance in being able to even sign their ballot. So education and activism are the keys. Inform your family, make your kids get involved in politics, spend an hour with the elderly teaching them how to use the new tech, and in general give a rat's ass about the election and the voters. We can make a difference to those around us and ensure that at least you get things right.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

   By Calico Cat at 11:11 AM

Official US Ballot Example, study carefully before casting your vote, Nov. 2

Friday, October 22, 2004

W Is For War

   By Emelius at 8:04 PM

      The W in George W. Bush does not stand for Woman. If it did, he would not of killed so many. No the real truth is that W stands for War. The only thing Bush has done in office is create war. First he went to war in Afghanistan, then Iraq. Now we have threatening wars with Iran, North Korea, and Syria. Then we have a worsening situation in Israel, Russia, and parts of Africa.

      In the wars in the Gulf, Bush has done nothing but kill woman and children along with the terrorists which turn out to be thousands of innocent people. Why doesn’t Bush come out and explain that he has ordered the killing of these people? Truth is that Bush does not believe in family values, but rather American Christian doctrine. It is not very supportive of woman or families to bomb their homes, kill their fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, homes and offices. As I sat and watched a version of Iraqi Trading Spaces on TV the other night, I was wondering what the point was. There was a woman who’s husband got killed in a bombing when an American bomb was dropped on their house. She was on her own with her children. They presented her with her newly renovated home and she said “I hope Bush can leave this one alone.”

      Her home was not rebuilt by the Americans or the Military. It was rebuilt by a TV crew trying to make some money in Iraq. Bush has never apologized to the Iraqi’s for killing their families. This woman now must try to put together the pieces and continue her life with her husband now dead. She did not know how though. She can not get aid and can not get work. Life is too dangerous and she fears for her young children.

      So where is the W in Iraq? Where is the W in Africa where woman are still being mutilated by their husbands to prevent infidelity? Where is the W in Israel when woman and children are being killed daily by terrorists? Where is the W in the US where woman are still being abused, underpaid, and under represented. You won’t find it. Instead you find that W has done more for War than Woman.

      So where are you W? I contend that Bush has no clue what he is talking about. In doing some research, I was unable to find one issue that Bush took or law that was signed that benefited woman. So what is he talking about and where did this start? So when someone says to you, “W is for Woman!” simply say ….. Prove it!

Cable Taxes At Work

   By Emelius at 6:52 PM

      Arizonans will get a chance to see Michael Moore’s film ‘Fahrenheit 911' on Public Access TV. With a blessing from Moore, Elaine Higginbotham has managed to do what Moore himself could not do, get the movie on the air before November 2. While most people don’t even know they have Public Access TV on their cable or even what it is, this should open up their minds to alternative programming. Unfortunately this is only one small community. The greater coup is that Moore was able to get his movie out on DVD while still managing to sell theater tickets to his film around the world. Keep those copies circulating.

Felonious Pie Assault

   By Emelius at 4:18 PM

     Ann Coulter is a lot of things, but wash and wear apparently is not one of them. At a recent speaking event, Ann Coulter was greated outside by two pie throwers who managed to nail her in the shoulder with a cream pie. Later they were arrested for:

criminal damage, a felony, and misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and assault. The felony charge resulted from damage to a backdrop that school officials estimated at $3000.

CORRECTION: Ann Coulter was actually assaulted by the felonious pies while on stage. While she was at the podium the attackers streaked across the stage hurling their harmful pies at Coulter as she frantically tried to get out of the way.

   By Calico Cat at 12:27 PM

New PIPA Report: Bush Supporters Still Believe Iraq Had WMD or Major Program, Supported al Qaeda -- and worse!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Kill The Fans

   By Emelius at 10:27 PM

      This story comes from a rather interesting source and incident. For anyone doubting the dangers of the police tactics being used on protesters, we point you to the recent baseball playoff games. In a recent celebration, police were out in force, and for some reason decided to open fire on the crowd on those fans that were overjoyed at the win of their team, the Boston Red Sox. One of the police’s non lethal weapons then struck a young lady in the eye, killing her. This calls into question many things. One of which is why were the police so quick to use any force against civilians? The fact that these things have a tag that says safe on the package, does not mean they should be used at all. Such quick judgment to use force has now taken the life and joy out of a family for the rest of their lives and for what? We need to hold local law enforcement responsible for it’s actions and we need to disarm them before any more innocent people get killed.

Portable Voters Fraud

   By Emelius at 8:10 PM

       Florida is known for a lot of things and voter fraud is one of them. In a very disturbing article, it has been discovered that people are going around to houses (appears to be Kerry supporter houses) with a laptop and allowing people to vote from the comfort of their own home. There is one small problem. It is illegal and bogus. People are then lured into thinking that they voted and will then not need to vote on Nov 2. Please people, take a moment and read up on the laws in your state on how to vote and then inform your friends and family. An informed public would have these people in jail by now.

   By Calico Cat at 12:44 AM

Mike Malloy -- one of the best offerings on AAR, check out Mike's excellent website.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Information Freeway

   By Emelius at 5:38 PM

      Yes America, you can have a voice, and have it seen by thousands every day. Here is a site with one goal in mind, to turn our freeways into influential points of interest. They specialize in spreading the word about Bush and this countries current state of affairs via the use of freeway signs. There is a great gallery where you can see pics of some of the actions going on across this land.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bush Hates Old People

   By Emelius at 10:01 PM

      Well it seems official now. Bush hates old people. I want you to take a moment and think about your mother. Your sweet beautiful mother who feed you when you were sick. She was there for your first break up. You wonderful mother who kept your father happy and made your house a home. Bush hates her. Yup, Bush hates old people and that includes your mother.

      This week AARP will be holding a convention in Las Vegas and both candidates were invited to attend. It is expected that attendance will be over 25,000 old registered voters with canes. In the President’s absence to say that he hates old people and that they give him the willies, will be Laura Bush, the first lady. George Bush’s actions are bizarre after he revamped Medicare this year and one would think that he would want to relish in his victory. Hmph.

      On the other hand, it looks like Kerry loves old people and has made arrangements to speak on Thursday night. Rumor has it that his wife may attend also. So if I have my snub math correct:

           1 candidate and a candidate wife = 1 first lady
           (*Note: This only applies to old people. Race is not a factor (we think))

       It seems like this administration just seems to have a problem with reaching out to the people. So why would you send a message that you hate old people Mr. President?

Operation Truth, Vets Speak Out

   By Calico Cat at 10:47 AM

Operation Truth.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Bush Wired?

   By Calico Cat at 5:50 PM

Was he? I wonder? What do you think?

I notice a bulge in the middle of his back and two lines perhaps from straps running up from the device (bulge) and over each shoulder.

Question: Why use such a large device when the market is full of things that are smaller and very powerful? I suspect that it was used (if it was) because it was some military device and not something that civilians can purchase off the shelf.

There are devices that work with a wire around the neck, hidden under clothing which sends the signal to an in-ear receiver which uses an air-activated battery, so no "earwig" like you see on newscasts.

I also wonder if it might have been an audio player of some kind with some pre-recorded information. With a small keypad, it could be setup to give information at the press of a button... For Foreign Policy, Press One; For Domestic, Press Two; Economy, Press Three... The audio player seems less likely, again, why on the back?There is something there under his jacket, so it appears. The only other thing it might be is some kind of heart monitor, perhaps? Which begs the question, does the President have a heart condition?

Why did Bush say, "let me finish," when no one was interrupting him? Why did he beg for more time at another point, then freeze? Was he listening to a prompt? He sounded like he wanted to come back with a quick rejoinder, but then froze, it was very odd.

It might be some kind of Presidential "On-Star" like device? Something to cover his dorsal fin?

What were the rules in the 35 page Contract they signed regarding these type of devices? The Evil Calico wants to know.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

   By Calico Cat at 10:18 AM

Soil and Soul, People Versus Corporate Power is an important book for our times. I'd put this in the must read catagory, it offers some truly fresh ideas and insights.

   By Calico Cat at 1:06 AM

Sign the Petition!!! Demand Honest About the Draft!! Join with Democracy For America and say: "I demand to know how George Bush plans to guard the homeland, protect against threats abroad, and stabilize and occupy Iraq -- without resorting to a draft."
 Posted by Hello

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Neo-Con Cult of Strauss

   By Calico Cat at 10:34 AM

"The neoconservative ascension" reads the headline of a story on how the neo-cons are a cult --

The article asks: "With elections approaching, the question for voters is whether to sign up these same people [the neo-cons] for four more years.

And continues:

Tracing the rise of neoconservatism is a challenge because it is so new to power. Much is known about the movement as a cult, and now a new Yale University book helps complete the picture by tracing the transition from cult to political force under Bush.

The book is "Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire," by Anne Norton. Norton, who teaches at Penn, traces the movement's origins to Leo Strauss, a German Jew who came to America as a refugee in 1938.

According to Norton, Strauss' theories of politics, which he taught at the University of Chicago, inspired a generation of students and teachers across the nation. Some of them went on to become government officials, like Paul Wolfowitz, the architect of the Iraq war, and Abram Shulsky at the Pentagon; and Leon Kass, chairman of Bush's Council on Bioethics.

So, who was Strauss? Fascist Godfather of the Neo-Con Cultists?

Saturday, October 02, 2004

   By Calico Cat at 1:43 PM

When those unthinking, stupid, blind, Bush-supporting, fascist freepers ask you, "show me where Bush lied." Tell them to go read, or -- and tell them to GET REAL!

Friday, October 01, 2004

   By Calico Cat at 10:19 PM

Blog for The Loose Logic Set: News, Jam Band, and Progressive Rock on KEOS 89.1 FM College Station/Bryan Posted by Hello

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