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Thursday, April 14, 2005

What's at stake if we lie down on the "we have no values" meme:

   By Marion Delgado at 5:06 AM

This was a followup to Amy Sullivan and her boyfriend Noam Scheiber (get married, you two "anything goes" valueless Hollywood style hedonists, or keep your goddamn clothes on and your hands above the waist, 'kay? And is that his damn TOOTHBRUSH in your bathroom?) suggesting we jump on the GOP bandwagon and give struggling parents censorship help, given that it's impossible to keep them employed at a living wage anyway. That's so last millenium.

I personally am not a social liberal or libertarian on every issue, but spotting the GOP anything on their freakish ploys is just plain - well, evil. Immoral. Bad for kids, bad for parents.

This comment (to digby's comment on Scheiber's contribution) completely nails down everything that needs to be said, that won't be said. - Comments:

"Let's be clear on this: most of the great innovations of the 18th century (like the ideas of popular sovereignty, inalienable individual rights, due process, and separation of powers) were most forcefully advocated by rabid, violent anticlericals. Many of them were freemasons, most believed in some kind of God but also believed that organized religion was corrupt, evil, and an enemy of freedom and good government. Our founding fathers were, most of them, church haters. Yet Jefferson and Adams, Paine and Locke are among the people that the DLC types like Schieber would be embarrassed about today: 'too extreme,' 'not sufficiently respectful of people's faith,' etc. etc. Wake up and smell the coffee: we are no longer fighting to preserve the Great Society or even the New Deal. We are fighting to preserve the Age of Reason! (yes, postmodernist trash, I know that term is politically incorrect. ask me if I care.)

If we do need to reach out to people of faith, the only way we'll succeed is by driving a wedge between them and their self-appointed 'leaders,' not by meeting dangerous extremists halfway. Time to start by leading a campaign to strip tax-exempt status from churches proven to have distributed partisan literature in-house. And if that means our black churches also have to change their ways, so be it.
the exile "


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