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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mike Malloy makes an announcement on AAR website

   By buttersquash at 12:38 AM

This post appeared on the front page of the Air America website
in a Zorro-like move by Malloy.

The Peter Werbe Show

  • Weekdays 10pm-Midnight EST

    w/ host Peter Werbe

    Hi. Malloy here. It’s Monday, September
    18, 2006. Well, it’s been almost three
    weeks since we were fired by the
    really, really strange pod-people who
    have temporarily taken over Air
    America. Tonight’s program will be
    hosted by my good friend Peter Werbe.
    Not sure what he’s talking about
    tonight, but do tune in. If you’re
    wondering how we’re writing and posting
    this mini-blog it’s simply because the
    airheads in Air America’s executive
    suites – the pod-people mentioned above
    – are too, um, stupid to figure out how
    to handle their own website access.

    The door’s wide open. Well, eventually
    their bodies will start to react to
    Earth atmosphere and they’ll have to
    leave. Meantime, Mike and Kathy here
    saying, stay tuned!

  • Hope to be hearing from you soon, Mike. Sorry AAR corporate
    are a bunch of jackasses and imbeciles.


    Blogger Mike Ter Louw said...

    You go, Mike!

    1:02 AM  
    Blogger Marion Delgado said...

    Bear in mind anyone could hack there and say they were Mike Malloy and Kathy. Mike doesn't have a venue to confirm or deny that was him, after all.

    Just saying. Some of the phrasing sounds odd for Malloy.

    1:23 PM  
    Blogger LeaveStevePeeved said...

    Mike: I miss you so much. You were a regular part of my late-night routine. I wish I could hear your outrage at Foley, the Military Commissions Act, etc.. I wrote to both AAR and XM. I hope you're back somewhere soon. Would you consider doing a podcast that your faithful listeners could pick up on iTunes until you're next paying gig?

    2:06 AM  
    Blogger Ziomal said...

    Very nice! I like it. best hybrid

    5:35 PM  
    Blogger Tom3 said...

    Mikey ROCKS!! AAR is run by morons.

    4:24 PM  
    Blogger promoteyourblogforfree said...

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    10:13 AM  

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