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Thursday, November 25, 2004

   By Calico Cat at 1:55 PM

Thanks for the wild turkey and
the passenger pigeons, destined
to be shit out through wholesome
American guts.

Thanks for a continent to despoil
and poison.

   By Calico Cat at 1:51 PM

Click graphic for link.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Fred Phelps: the man, the myth, the guy is INSANE!

   By BluPheonix at 2:37 AM

I was cruising the net last night on christian fundies, cuz you know how i love to mess with them. And I ran accross the story of a man named Fred Phelps. Now for those of you who do not know of the Revrend Phelps. This is the man in Kansas, that likes to go to the funerals of gay folks and picket them, and shout at them that the deceased is now "burning in hell for 100,000 years". Rev phelps not only is a relegious zelot, he is also a lawyer, and loved to tie the courts up with useless litigation. He has a virtual army of lawyers surrounding him, mostly his kids, who at the drop of a hat, will sue your ass for slander , defimation, and lible. The things that come out of this guys mouth are laughable at best, and pure evil at the worst. This man is a VERY DISTURBED individual. His hobbys include, preaching hate, picketing gay funerals, beating his wife and kids, and generaly making an ass of himself. I urge you all to check out this story on Phelps by reporter Jon Michael Bell, done in 1994. It was quashed by Phelps's army of lawyer family members, but a few copys managed to get out and what the book contains is a shocking exposEH, of a hate filled violent possibly quite insane individual, and his wako like curch. If you want to stare the devil in the face and see true evil go to
you are sure to be as sickened by these people as i am. Also of note, is the Revrends web page, google it, click on send an email, and read the disclaimer that pops up.......You'll laugh yourself silly. These are the kind of people we are dealing with, and I would love to see these people shut down for good. Hate and intolerence have no place in our society, you want to live like that, move to the middle east. !!!-BP

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Nov 11 "Lest We Forget"

   By BluPheonix at 6:31 AM

It's November 11, and here in Canada it is rememberance day. I'm not sure if you have Nov 11, marked as a day of rememberance. You do have veterans day, so I'm sure it's the same thing. Anyway, what I want to touch on right now is the highly probable draft that president bunnypants will be putting into effect. Now my money is on sometime in February, mabey the 10th?!....
Well with things getting worse in Iraq, and Iran, and the elusive OBL still hiding in a "cave"(haha). You look me straight in the eyes and tell me you honestly don't think there will be a draft, and I'll sell you a piece of prime realestate in iraq! I can't be drafted, obvious reason being, um, I'm Canadian. But some of you reading this might have to go and fight, not for WMD's, Not for freedom, but for oil. The last legetimate war the U.S fought was WWII, and don't it seem like america is ALWAYS at war with someone-somewhere. So, that being said, I want you to all make a promise to me, and call a VET, and thank them for their service. Especialy the WWII vets,because they are the ones who fought for a REAL cause. Show some respect and appreciation, mabey go to your local legion, and bring some beers, or some homebaked goods. Do SOMTHING, they deserve it. After all, we owe them our freedom, and our thanks, and mabey just mabey, when you come back from the war the next generation will thank you for your service. I would like to end with a poem.
In Flanders Fields
By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)
Canadian Army

IN FLANDERS FIELDS the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.


The end of an era

   By BluPheonix at 4:20 AM

Well friends, it's offical. Yasser Arafat died in paris today at 9:03 pm. Arafat, the leader of the Palastian Liberation Organazation, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994, and was a key player in the quest for peace, in the middle east. His quest, now carries on without him. Yasser Arafat 1929-2004 "May you find the peace in death, that you could not find in life"-BluPheonix.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

   By Calico Cat at 9:28 PM

Excellent site by Nick, a friend from our channel, please pass it along to friends and use it yourself. Very useful site. Kudos Nick!

welcome to the Christian Republic of America

   By BluPheonix at 4:50 PM

This story proves that America is headed towards a totalitarian christian state

it is truly a sad day in America.

The 12-3:00 slot on AAR

   By BluPheonix at 4:20 PM

Well guys and dolls, I've been hearing alot of negative talk about the AL Franken show on AAR. I have listened to AL only twice since the "election", and what i'm hearing is totaly unacceptable. Al was the voice of reason, and my fav show on AAR, next to malloy. But it seems Al has slipped into a self serving attitude. Some say that this is due to Al's running for office. Some say he's a turn-coat.And some , well i'm not even going to get into it....The thing here is, are we, the "truthseekers", going to continue to listen and support Al Franken. Franken has said, that there was no fraud, and the elections were clean. Well most of us don't belive that for a second, and the proof and the TRUTH is on our side.
above link to voter supression video, with Michael Moore and Jessie Jackson
this movie will scare you. Keep listening to AAR, but for the 12-3 slot, I think we should all find a new program to listen to?!
Any suggestions, favorites, relevent comments can be posted in the comments section, or you can hit up my e-mail.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Maybe a funeral is in order?

   By BluPheonix at 11:38 PM

Now I know what your goes pheonix on one of his "off with their heads" rants. Well no such luck, not this time anyways. I have an idea, that might make us all feel better. We can organize an "international day of mourning". We can take cardboard constitutions, drape them in flags, and little tombstones saying "The great American experiment 1776-2004 May she R.I.P"
the day the world changed forever. We can all wear black, and we can take enuff time to get it all in place for bush's inaguration........WHAT SAY YOU!!!??? Will you join me in a day of mourning and rememberance???? Someone said in the last few days, that the current situation in america are the same conditions that created the great movements of the 60's and 70's. When people really cared, times were changing, and a progressive youth movement helped to change the world. It's your time now, If not my idea*altho it would be so kewl to see people in britan mourning with us on t.v*then come up with your own ideas, make it meaningful. Have fun with it....just watch some re-runs of michael moores t.v show....t.v nation. or The Awful Truth...but don't be ripping off his ideas!! Lets all get behind somthing and make it work , hell if your parents could do it, you must be able to right?? It's the democratic way!!

Marijuana BAD, bombs GOOD!

   By BluPheonix at 6:21 PM

      Greetings #AAR chatters and those of you that have stumbled across this blog. Welcome to 1984. , and it's time to reclaim the word "LIBERAL"!!!! As some of you know, I am a proud Canadian. Now I know what you’re thinking, "why is a Canadian LIBERAL in here discussing AMERICAN politics"?! Well that’s a fair question and I would like to answer that now.

      The answer is, that American policies influence MY countries policies, and I find that totally unacceptable. Take the marijuana issue. Canada wants to decriminalize pot, 73% of Canadians want the silly laws on pot dropped. But the American government has said "no you cannot do that, repercussions will be trade sanctions, and tighter boarders". Last time I checked, Canada was its own country, subject to the laws of no one country, especially America. $222 billion dollars is what the U.S spends on the “war on drugs" per year!! When we have incontrovertible proof, that despite this grossly expensive bill, more drugs land in the U.S now than at any point in history. Roughly 600+ Tons of cocaine a year. That is triple the amount consumed before the “war on drugs" began. Most of the hard street drugs in Canada, come here from the U.S and China. What we have here is an extremely well conceived plan.

FACT: Those with criminal records do not get to vote in the U.S

FACT: People like drugs; it's just the way it is

FACT: More Americans are put in jail for drug offences than any other offence

THEORY: Get more people doing drugs, get them caught with drugs, throw them in jail, and take away their right to vote.!

      See what i mean?...clever isn’t it..?!
ahhhhh....1984, when you can go back and edit time...;)

AAR-IRC Election Night Success

   By Emelius at 10:39 AM

      While the elections did not go the way some would have liked, we do have good news. #AAR was able to run election bots that brought real time returns from each state directly into the channel. We believe that this may have been a historic event and that we may have been the only IRC channel on the internet to provide such a service. This allowed guests to type in their state of interest and get the results they wanted as they came in. We had 1 main bot with 2 back ups ready to go. Armed with multiple resources to draw from in case of an internet meltdown, we did not have a single problem all night. Even while the elections were going, we were able to refine our data and switch out bots without any interruption of service. This proved most valuable in the wee hours of Wednesday when we were most concerned about those states that were ‘Too close to call’.

      In addition to the technical mastery we were able to display, we also had a human factor. Armed with an army of admins, we were able to provide customer services and instructional data to make the experience easy and accessible for everyone attending. With notices, instructions, private one on one help, and general crowd control, we were able to maintain an enjoyable and informative experience for a steady in and out stream of over 70 people all night.

      In all, the night was a huge success for a night that was 7 months in the planning. I would like to take the time though to acknowledge our Operators and Voices who did an outstanding job. Without them volunteering their time and knowledge to the effort, we never would have pulled it off. I would also like to single out a few people who really went over the top to make sure the night was a success. Kio and GimmieLiberty were in charge of our bots and data retrieval. Leftnut helped to isolate and fix any code problems we had and put on the finishing touches. CalicoCat was our PR wiz and helped to instruct people on how to use our services as well as did some advertising. And I am sure I will get blasted for not including myself, but will do so reluctantly. I helped to coordinate the event, advertise, and update our blog with election results. While I would love to list every single one of everyone’s effort, the list would be mind boggling. Know though that we all appreciate your long night and support and we could not of done it without you. If you were in the channel on Tuesday night and go into the channel tonight, don’t feel awkward to give any of our admins a ‘thank you’ for making the night a success. You can even leave us a message in our thread comments if you like so as to make sure they see it.

      Personally I say thank you to our staff and all those who attended. Despite the results, the experience will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Liberal! There, I Said It.

   By Emelius at 8:57 AM

      There are some that say that they don’t know where the liberals stand on values or what the agenda is. They are unable to define what we believe in. Cool! That is what a liberal is all about. Those who question liberal values and can’t nail them down are the narrow minded people we are resisting. The whole point of the liberal agenda is based on choice and discussion. You see, liberals debate with each other, not to isolate each other, but to bring us together. We discuss the issues and find solutions. We talk to one another and try to understand and see what the other wants and try to include them in our mindset. These are not bad attributes as others would have you believe. We believe in inclusion. While the republicans took a majority of Christian/Catholic voters, they did not take them all. Also, those are the only religious groups they took. Democrats took a majority in all other religious sects. Again proving that we are not the narrow minded group that others want us to be. Liberals are able to set up dinner with Christians, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Agnostics, and Atheists, get along, and set an agenda. Those who say that liberals are anti-Israel are wrong. Unlike the conservatives who choose sides, we say both Israel and Palestine are in the wrong. We want peace in the Middle East, and fault those who are at fault. Conservatives say that liberals are pro-abortion. Wrong again Spanky. Liberals could care less if you have an abortion. That is your CHOICE and belief. It is not for us to dictate.

      Choice is really the heart of the liberal agenda. Choice to be gay or straight. Choice to have an abortion or not. Choice to be any religion you want to be. Choice to say what you want, where ever you want. Choice to be anonymous. Choice to be free. Choice to have it both ways if you want it. Choice, choice, choice. The conservatives are all about my way or the highway. Criminalization and demonization. That is not freedom. Liberals are pro America while conservatives are pro Nationalization.

      You can’t nail a liberal down so don’t try. Don’t be ashamed of it, embrace it. We don’t flip flop, we analyze and adjust. We seek solutions. Let’s take gay marriage. I have held a solution to gay marriage for some time now that just absolutely shocks the conservatives and you can only imagine my surprise when I heard it echoed last night on The West Wing. Let’s ban marriage from government approval. Yes, I said it. Let the government recognize legal unions between all people. You want a union? Fine, pay your tax, sign the paper, you are a legal union. Marriage is a concoction of religion. It is just a formality. If you want to get “Married”, then get married. You have that CHOICE. Go to your church and have a priest marry you. No biggie. Government should not get involved in your private life. That is liberal. Anyone who would want to force you to go through a church to get married is a fundamentalist that is narrow minded and trying to force their beliefs upon you whether you agree or not. This is not anti-religion, it is pro government, pro freedom, and supports the constitution.

      The time to hide is over. Liberal is not a dirty word or a bad thing to be. We are the real American’s and we are proud of it. Is it elitist to proclaim choice? No. It is oppressive to deny choice. So stand up and be proud. Wear that L on your arm with pride. Challenge anyone who stands in your way. Keep the debate going and show the world what the real danger to America is. Liberals pray for world peace. Liberals comfort the hungry and homeless. Liberals embrace all Americans.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Day After Tomorrow

   By Emelius at 6:23 PM

      I know today may be rough for some of you. We pinned our hopes on a man and he could not get the job done as of today. There will be lots of reflections to the past and what should have been done. Where did we go wrong? Where did we go right? And then there is tomorrow. While we sort out the votes and try to fix what is broken with the voting system in this country, we must also look to how we can get our agenda done. So I would like to propose a few things that I think will make the Democratic party stronger.

  • State Amendments: We need amendments in every state that hold the SOS responsible for reporting election information. Never again should a state release voter returns until every single poll within that states borders are closed and the votes collected.

  • Local Media: It is not just the large market media’s that we need to keep in check, but the local media also. If your local news is reporting things that are not accurate, then let them know via e-mail. It only takes a minute and is very effective.

  • Why is rural Iowa choosing our urban democratic presidents? We need an effort to push the first primaries to urban blue states where we know what we need from a candidate.

  • FCC standards for political ads: Let’s enforce the same rules and laws for media on election media. There should be no objection to truth in advertising rules for any broadcast and most importantly, for political ads with the world at stake.

  • Equal Time: Equal time laws should be reinstated and allow the airwaves not to be abused by those with an agenda and money. The process of the media has deteriorated to a point that the lines have become blurred between news and commentary.

  • Democrats are democrats: One of the largest issues I have seen in the past few months is the general dissatisfaction with the party. Many feel that the party has abandoned it’s core values in the hopes of swaying republican voters. This has alienated many followers of the party and made them leave or wish they could leave. The democrats has further alienated the members of it’s party by playing ball with the other side and even going so far as elevating republicans to a higher status in efforts to get a rub off effect. All this has done though is get democrats to vote republican. Democrats have even voted with republicans to save their jobs, only to once again, abandon the values of the party that elected them. This has all resulted in liberal becoming a bad word and the democrats will not even defend themselves. Democrats should be democrats. They should vote like it, act like it, and defend it, or get out of the party.

      These are only a few things we can do to try to get back on track. While it is still early to be talking about tomorrow, these are things that need to be talked about. It is time to rethink where you fit into the Democratic Party. Find those core values and move on them. Take these values to your local and state elections and redevelop your community based on your newly understood values. Then when another presidential election comes, maybe we can be sure that we want our guy and not just don’t want theirs.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Pre-election polls

   By BluPheonix at 6:48 PM

As the majority of you head to the polls today, to pick your next president, and the next leader of the free world as it is. I would like to bring up the subject of pre-election polls. Polls are meaningless. Most of us by now have come to that conclusion. And that fact dosen't change no matter what country you go to. I will use the last canadian election as an example. All the polls had the consirvative party leading, the news casters and pundits alike were saying "it looks like canada is going consirvative". And what happened? Thats right, the liberals won the day!! And so shall it be for the democrats. Well, it's only minutes till the results start comming in, so i will wish John Kerry good luck, god speed. You carry with you the hope of millions. The world is with you, your counrty is with you, and i'm with you.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Need a PEAD break?

   By gimmeLiberty at 5:14 PM

If you could use a little humor in these final difficult hours, then check out these
electronica remixes.
The artist, rx, has chopped up a large number of Bush speeches and turned them into
the lyrics of songs like U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday and Lennon's Imagine.

less than 16 hours to go

   By BluPheonix at 2:15 PM

With less than 16 hours to go till our friends to the south go to the polls to pick the next president of the united states. As the republicans and the feds will be challenging votes and blocking voters, I would like to offer up some words of encouragement to those who have lost hope. "Help is on the way"! There is no rational way that bush can win. Look the fundies only represent like 30% of the country, and the world is looking closley for any signs of voter disinfranchizement. Vote with confidence this year friends and do all you can to help turn out the vote. Know your polling stations, and mabey have an alternate route planned. After the mud clears from the LANDSLIDE kerry victory, the world is left with an innept, sadistic, fachist as the prez for 2 months. This could be very dangerous. Stay alert, stay tuned to #AAR for up to the minute election results as they come in as well as the best political chat on the internets, and for god sakes VOTE!!!

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