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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Air America Radio brought to you by the War on Drugs

   By One Angry Patriot at 12:41 AM

Every 20 seconds in America, someone is arrested for a drug offense. Every second the US government spends over $600 on drug enforcement. Every second, the governments of the 50 states combined spend over $1,000 on drug enforcement. Almost a half million people have been arrested for drug offenses since the beginning of this year. So far this year, state and federal spending on drug enforcement exceeds $13.5 billion.

Our nation's drug policies are destroying lives and wasting money at an enormous rate. The Higher Education Act prevents potential students from receiving federal financial aid for college tuition if they have a drug offense on their criminal record, but not if they've been convicted of a more serious offense like rape or murder. In many states, felons are banned from voting for life, after they've already paid their debt to society. Violent criminals are able to run rampant, while police are occupied with small time non-violent drug dealers and users. The average marijuana arrest takes two police officers off the street for four hours.

Air America Radio receives advertising money from the principal agencies involved in the War on Drugs. The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, and the Ad Council are using Air America Radio to propagate drug war propaganda. While these "public service announcements" sound innocuous, exhorting parents to keep tabs on their children, they are propaganda nonetheless. I personally find such advertising practices by a self-proclaimed progressive talk radio network to be reprehensible and hypocritical.


Blogger Calico Cat said...

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11:04 AM  
Blogger Calico Cat said...

I'm suprised at these and some of the other PSA choices AAR makes, but they are also one of the few media outlets that play PSAs for NORML. In general I'd like to hear more PSAs in keeping with AARs overall liberal outlook. I'm not sure that playing PSAs for NODCP is hypocritical as much as it might be CYAness.

Anyway, glad to see you posting and hope you continue. CC

11:10 AM  
Blogger lorislo said...

I got into a fight with my neighbor. He was a DEA informant. There were no drugs found on eather of us, or did drugs have anything to do with fight. It was one mad girl, I had a wooden stick, I hit him with it. I got felony 2nd dreegree assault with a deadly weapon on policer officer. 30 days in jail--but for 7 years I lost my voting rights, search rights, and right to have arms. Plus, I have an NCISC number for 7 years that means if I get pulled over they think I'm going to shoot them. My 7 years is up this month, and in may I'm going to try to get my voting rights back, but they do not have to give them back to me. Before that I had never been convicted of a crime.

12:01 PM  
Blogger Marion Delgado said...

Partly it needs more real ads.

Partly, the vast majority of radio "PSAs" are ridiculous crap.

See my post on AAR PSAs right here on this very blog:

Air America PSAs

"Anything to do with anti-drug, drug-free, or community coalition (AC). If I wanted this crap I'd move to Cuba, where at least you get free health care. Man, we've gotten a tin ear for nascent totalitarianism.

Who wants to volunteer (Freikorps): you'll get laid, you intellectual nerd loser. No you fucking will not. Christ. Don't fall for it. Actually, if they get enough intellectual nerd losers to go for it, you *might* get laid. Don't get your hopes pinned to the modelish guys and gals they lured you with, though. All cats are gray in the dark, my four-eyed friends. Only the very end of the ad points out that its to lure parents into the anti-drug fascism and kids into pre-hitler youth youth.

Eco-fish-buying: I seriously owned pathetic crap like this in high school. Hire a high-school kid to do your next one. It smacks of mentally challenged greenwashing of something. Hint: what about the NAFTA ruling that helped doom the dolphins? oops, that wouldn't be being folks, would it.

Aww, heck, the community coalition shite, too. In Cuba, people *volunteer* to be CDRs (Committee for the Defense of the Revolution), you know. And it's the same people that will be in our CDRs. Decent people in Cuba scorn them. And the profound dishonesty of pretending that the anti-drug voices are tiny and separated and need to unite like the bundle of sticks in a fasces in order to defeat the overwhelming American pro-drug regime. It's People Power vs. the well-organized and well-funded Illegal Drug Lobby - the most powerful lobby in Congress!

7:22 PM  

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