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Friday, October 22, 2004

W Is For War

   By Emelius at 8:04 PM

      The W in George W. Bush does not stand for Woman. If it did, he would not of killed so many. No the real truth is that W stands for War. The only thing Bush has done in office is create war. First he went to war in Afghanistan, then Iraq. Now we have threatening wars with Iran, North Korea, and Syria. Then we have a worsening situation in Israel, Russia, and parts of Africa.

      In the wars in the Gulf, Bush has done nothing but kill woman and children along with the terrorists which turn out to be thousands of innocent people. Why doesn’t Bush come out and explain that he has ordered the killing of these people? Truth is that Bush does not believe in family values, but rather American Christian doctrine. It is not very supportive of woman or families to bomb their homes, kill their fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, homes and offices. As I sat and watched a version of Iraqi Trading Spaces on TV the other night, I was wondering what the point was. There was a woman who’s husband got killed in a bombing when an American bomb was dropped on their house. She was on her own with her children. They presented her with her newly renovated home and she said “I hope Bush can leave this one alone.”

      Her home was not rebuilt by the Americans or the Military. It was rebuilt by a TV crew trying to make some money in Iraq. Bush has never apologized to the Iraqi’s for killing their families. This woman now must try to put together the pieces and continue her life with her husband now dead. She did not know how though. She can not get aid and can not get work. Life is too dangerous and she fears for her young children.

      So where is the W in Iraq? Where is the W in Africa where woman are still being mutilated by their husbands to prevent infidelity? Where is the W in Israel when woman and children are being killed daily by terrorists? Where is the W in the US where woman are still being abused, underpaid, and under represented. You won’t find it. Instead you find that W has done more for War than Woman.

      So where are you W? I contend that Bush has no clue what he is talking about. In doing some research, I was unable to find one issue that Bush took or law that was signed that benefited woman. So what is he talking about and where did this start? So when someone says to you, “W is for Woman!” simply say ….. Prove it!


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