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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Kill The Fans

   By Emelius at 10:27 PM

      This story comes from a rather interesting source and incident. For anyone doubting the dangers of the police tactics being used on protesters, we point you to the recent baseball playoff games. In a recent celebration, police were out in force, and for some reason decided to open fire on the crowd on those fans that were overjoyed at the win of their team, the Boston Red Sox. One of the police’s non lethal weapons then struck a young lady in the eye, killing her. This calls into question many things. One of which is why were the police so quick to use any force against civilians? The fact that these things have a tag that says safe on the package, does not mean they should be used at all. Such quick judgment to use force has now taken the life and joy out of a family for the rest of their lives and for what? We need to hold local law enforcement responsible for it’s actions and we need to disarm them before any more innocent people get killed.


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