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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Rules for fighting back - from comment on stevenewsblog

   By Marion Delgado at 5:31 AM - Comments
It is not enough to attack the republicans. The progressive left must hammer the entire ideological right all day and every day. You shift political continents in a war of ideology not partisan politics. The American right wing figured this out 30 years ago, and they did it pretty well (considering they are *not* on the side of angels). They rewrote the American ideological landscape. Now we must to the same to them, but tenfold.

There are a few simple rules to follow:

  1. Attacking right wing ideology should be like breathing. You should be doing it 24/7/365. NO COMPROMISE. No accomodation.

  2. Don't fucking appologize for your views. Ever.

  3. Don't distance yourselves from *anyone* to your left. I don't give a damn if their left of of Mao. When some asshole media punk whines about them far lefties, support them or ignore the question. Distancing yourself from the radicals is saying that your ideology is fundamentally flawed!

  4. 'Civility' 'reasonable' and 'sensible' are your enemies the conventional wisdom purposefully excludes you those terms set up a tautology where only those opinons that don't challenge the status quo are 'reasonable.'

  5. Anyone displaying any joementum must be torn to shreds. Appologists and centrists validate the ideology of the right.

  6. Find out what the World Social Forum is, how it exists as an ideological counter for the World Economic Forum, and their slogan is 'another world is possible.' Learn from this.



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