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Sunday, February 13, 2005


   By Marion Delgado at 10:29 AM

Table Talk | AIR AMERICA: Marion Delgado - 07:16 am Pacific Time - Feb 13, 2005 - #6956 of 6956
Someone straighten me out - technically, is this the Fourth Reich now, or the Second Confederacy?

Here's a new sub-thread: the WLIB stream PSAs (and, I suppose, the ads, although they're almost universally awful like all radio ads). AC=Ad Council, which is a cleaned up propaganda organization. Privatized government lying group.


the racism psas [AC,freedom ride] - reasonably well-written, attempt to be as contemporary and natural as possible. The very first political correctness ads to show imagination, humanity, and common sense. Be very afraid. They convinced me!

child seat psas: They sound like straight-outta-Dobson bad-ass dare-to-discipline GOParenting ads. Bestest: mom forcing little shelly to climb 15 feet up and swing her little bat at a hornets nest. Mom is almost too good in that one. I love these PSAs way, way too much. Plus they're utterly unnecessary. You get serious, ouchy fines for not putting kids of a certain size in a child seat facing backwards - 5 second PSA. Whoever did these has the soul of an artist. Probably Bill Hicks' - he's not using his anymore.

national trust ad: actually repeated too much but the ad with the old woman and the wiped-out places is very well done. However, frankly, who gives a rat's? I hate quikmartizing and excess highways with the best of them, but i also can't see using my tax dollars or charitable giving to fetishize an old bandstand or meeting hall.

appalling: Most of them, but especially:

Anything to do with anti-drug, drug-free, or community coalition (AC). If I wanted this crap I'd move to Cuba, where at least you get free health care. Man, we've gotten a tin ear for nascent totalitarianism.

Who wants to volunteer (Freikorps): you'll get laid, you intellectual nerd loser. No you fucking will not. Christ. Don't fall for it. Actually, if they get enough intellectual nerd losers to go for it, you *might* get laid. Don't get your hopes pinned to the modelish guys and gals they lured you with, though. All cats are gray in the dark, my four-eyed friends. Only the very end of the ad points out that its to lure parents into the anti-drug fascism and kids into pre-hitler youth youth.

Eco-fish-buying: I seriously owned pathetic crap like this in high school. Hire a high-school kid to do your next one. It smacks of mentally challenged greenwashing of something. Hint: what about the NAFTA ruling that helped doom the dolphins? oops, that wouldn't be being folks, would it.

so bad you might as well do something about it like complain:

The American Jewish Committee Palestinian 2 minute hate - I would give this a pass as long as David Harris admitted that the American Jewish Committee is the actual organization that originally gave us the neoconservatives. These cowardly fucks use the word Jewish as a shield just like the clans of the alphane moon over at Jewish World Review do, people like Ann Coulter. To really twist the knife, they always play this during the Majority Report. Sam Seder's an observant Jew, but neither he nor Janeane are Zionists at all, let alone neocons.

Aww, heck, the community coalition shite, too. In Cuba, people *volunteer* to be CDRs (Committee for the Defense of the Revolution), you know. And it's the same people that will be in our CDRs. Decent people in Cuba scorn them. And the profound dishonesty of pretending that the anti-drug voices are tiny and separated and need to unite like the bundle of sticks in a fasces in order to defeat the overwhelming American pro-drug regime. It's People Power vs. the well-organized and well-funded Illegal Drug Lobby - the most powerful lobby in Congress!


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