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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Transcript of Rachel Maddows on "Unfiltered" this morning

   By Marion Delgado at 7:08 PM

Unfiltered Transcript: "
RACHEL MADDOW: Good morning and welcome to 'Unfiltered' here on Air America Radio.

I'm Rachel Maddow. We're online at Thanks for joining us here this morning.

We know that a lot of you have noticed that Lizz Winstead is not here in studio with me; I certainly have noticed this fact.

I know that conspiracy theories are out there and everybody has their tinfoil hats very finely tuned on this matter. but the bottom line is that, uh, we miss Lizz, we wish her all the best, and 'Unfiltered' will be going on without Lizz - uh, with me, and with Chuck D, and of course with you.

So, uh, that's the bottom line, and thank you to everybody who has uh, gotten in touch with us on this matter. And that is uh, the where it stands right now and we appreciate everything that we've heard from everybody and you can certainly join the discussion online should you choose to at uh,, just click on 'Unfiltered.'

I'm Rachel Maddow, this is 'Unfiltered' here on Air America Radio, and uh, that is very sad news for me to deliver. I take no pleasure in delivering that. Umm, and uh, just so you know that I'm giving you the straight dope - that is the straight dope.


Blogger BluPheonix said...

thats sad.......since i'm gunna start listening to AAR again.
whats the reason for that?

3:04 PM  
Blogger argus said...

...and 3 weeks later, on thursday march 24th, the other shoe dropped when rachel announced that unfiltered was being taken off the air, to be replaced by jerry springer.

to find out what show rachelwill be doing next you can sign up for her email list at:

11:04 AM  

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