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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Agent Crisis - Why not "hire gay?"

   By Marion Delgado at 8:56 PM Politics:
'Fear of possible penetration has grown because of what one official called 'an intense competition' among America's intelligence, military and contractor organizations. They are seeking to hire thousands of skilled linguists, trained analysts and clandestine operatives who can blend into overseas communities to collect intelligence and to recruit foreign agents inside terrorist cells.

'In some cases, the officials said, those most qualified for such sensitive jobs -- naturalized Americans who grew up in the Middle East or South Asia, for example, and who are native speakers of Arabic, Farsi, Dari, Urdu and other crucial languages -- have proved the most difficult to vet during background checks. In addition, because of restrictions imposed by U.S. privacy laws, authorities at one spy service may not know that someone they had rejected later found a job at another agency or at a defense contractor working on classified systems.'

So why not hire all those gay translators the military dumped? Most of them haven't gone anywhere in life. Alternately, if the Hitler II admin refuses to let gay translators be hired, this has to become a Democratic issue - we need to turn the flamethrower on the religious right, and say, you people are endangering the whole United States because you hate gay people, and we are sick of it, and we want the White House to either hire back the purged gay translators somewhere, or accept the consequences by saying, "George Bush and the Republican National Committee approve of purging gay people, even when it hinders fighting terrorism."


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