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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Table Talk | Ward Churchill and the First Amendment - Give him a TV show!

   By Marion Delgado at 4:39 AM

Table Talk | Ward Churchill and the First Amendment:

Compare and contrast. We beat our breasts. We're sorry for ward churchill! We renounce him and all his ways! he's not with us! He isn't! let's go on denying it until we look guilty of ward churchill worship under the full moon! What a bunch of jellyfish! What a self-flagellating, yet self-righteous pack of alpha wimps!

THEY put their Ann coulters and David horowitzes and Laura ingrahams and Barbara olsens and rush Limbaughs and sean hannities and jerry falwells and mike savages and bill o'reillies and james dobsons and g. Gordon liddies and Oliver norths and so on and on and on - all of them far more extremist than ward churchill - on their TV shows and treat them with respect. Compared to them, does Bill Dr. Meowngele Frist look like a supervillain, which he is? no! AND THAT'S THE POINT.

All you have to do when they bring up ward is say, he's not a Democrat, not even into electoral politics, he's into Native American politics ... but like other professors, he has a right to express his ideas -- now, back to kicking your lying Nazi ass!

It's called the Malcolm X/MLK syndrome. The more Ward Churchills are out there, the truer we are to the tradition of protecting free speech, the STRONGER we get. We represent a lot of people. If we cave in, if we cower, if we cringe, if we show people we don't stand behind the alleged ideals of free speech that are among the last principles we haven't hopelessly compromised, we're DEAD.

INSTEAD, I say we always turn the focus on them. On Fred Phelps. On Pat Robertson. On Jerry Falwell. That does two things. It shows we aren't the lying, waffling, pandering, scared little bunnies the evildoers say we are. and it also reminds people that if they let the feudalists and neocons lock up the whole world and give people no venues for change or empowerment - well then, they will have to deal with people a lot harsher than Ward Churchill. Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable.

Instead, they can deal with us. But not if there's no incentive. A lot of Americans are far to stupid to see the carrot of a liberal body politic. But they are smart enough to grasp a stick when it's waved under their noses.

Give Ward a TV show and the Democrats will take back the House, Senate and presidency.


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