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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Major Advertiser Quits Sinclair News

   By Emelius at 6:57 PM

      Staples Inc today announced that based on pressure from supporters from Sinclair Action, that it will halt all advertising on all Sinclair owned stations local news feeds starting on January 10th, 2005. One must wonder if this will spill over into all it's programming or if it is just a token win for a time slot. In any case, the PR war has begun and we have our first win.

Staples, Inc. recently replied via email to consumers who registered concerns about Sinclair newscasts, stating: "As a result of Staples' ongoing review of its advertising media buy activity, Staples will no longer be airing advertising on any Sinclair station's local news programs as of Jan 10, 2005."


Blogger Robisimo said...

I'm convinced that the Democratic Party is stronger than people realize- even as much as they themselves realize- the coup has been that because we lost the election we now want to tear apart our party in search of a solution before the next election cycle begins.

What a tragedy that would be.

I believe that one of the KEYS to Democratic success lies right here. The best means to do battle with the ultra conservatives is to undermine their agenda through the commercial resources of the media. We can not change the minds of those in power and we're at the mercy of their agenda at this point. However, the vehicle by which they push their advantage is up for grabs and Staples reaction to our calls for support is proof.

The fight should be taken to the media/news organizations for THEIR failings to invest in and ultimately represent 'we the people's voice' and the only way to do that is by demanding that those advertisers who support blatantly unfair and unbalanced news remove their ads and raise awareness to the harm they are doing. The media needs to rediscover its strength and stand firm against the lies and half truths it discovers.

It's not enough to write a letter of disapproval though, it's important to demonstrate our gratitude to those companies who support this cause or at minimum recognize its importance. We must reward companies like Staples by choosing their products and services over their competition- especially if the competition fails to support this important effort.

Thank you Staples for recognizing what so many people believe in their minds and hearts to be a real and serious issue. THE POINT and ultimately Sinclair IS unfair, it IS unbalanced and it IS politically driven from the Right and because you have chosen to make a stand, I will choose to buy from you!

1:18 AM  

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