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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Proudly in Lock-step, they find us annoying.

   By Marion Delgado at 7:09 AM

Most Annoying Liberals of 2004 John Hawkins from RightWing News has assembled a masterpiece, describing the top 20 annoying libs of 2004. Although, HundredPercenter is in lock step with RWN, I would have slapped Eminem and Puff "Vote or Die" Diddy right on the top of that list. They, unfortunately, did not make the list.
[from HUNDREDPERCENTER NEWSWIRES: Most Annoying Liberals of 2004]

I've been named along with such other luminaries as President Al Gore, Oscar winner Michael Moore, Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter and legendary CBS anchorman Dan Rather. As Generalissimo El Busho says, we're defined by our enemies and I am damned proud to be hated by people who hate such admirable patriots.

-- Ted Rall
[from Search and Destroy]


Blogger BluPheonix said...

m&m i can see. but P.DIddY???WTF has he done thats challenging and pollitical, musicaly i mean. M&M has that new album, and that new video for "mosh" my fav video of 2004. political lyrics that make you think and challenge your day to day thinking and views. but P.DITTY???! What has he done, besides having that ghey show "making the band"? Nothing i know of...or am i off the track?

3:42 AM  

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