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Monday, January 03, 2005

RNC Protester Busts Cop

   By Emelius at 6:29 PM

      During NeoCon 2004, you may have been in our channel where we gave live up to the minute protest information and the stories that came from those arrested. In a follow up, at least one protester has busted a cop for fabricating charges and his story. Turns out that the arresting officer was not even on the scene.

At one point, Wohl testified that his captain told him to arrest everyone within a certain area. Later, he stated that he could not really tell the difference between protestors, bystanders, and people merely coming and going from the library. The combination of an officer unable to discern between supposed suspects and innocent pedestrians, and an order from superior officers to make mass arrests based on geographic location rather than specific incidents, would seem to suggest there is a very real potential that large numbers of detainees were wrongly arrested and incarcerated.

Dennis Kyne’s attorneys expressed their concern that Officer Wohl’s testimony may be part of a larger pattern. Attorneys Lewis Oliver and Gideon Oliver mentioned the possibility that police had used massive sweeps to round up large groups of people during the RNC, and then relied on officers like Wohl (who were not necessarily actually involved in the arrests) to provide testimony intended to legitimize the arrests.


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