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Thursday, December 09, 2004

There are soldiers against the war...

   By Fancy Pants Elitist at 7:59 AM

Gentle Readers,

Almost any veteran or long time military member will tell you, you don't go to war unless you have an emminent threat, and that the military is here to defend *our* nation against attack, and to defend the constitution from threats both foreign and DOMESTIC. Anyone who has any brains knows that Iraq was not an emminent threat and that they had never attacked us, in any way that should lead to us attacking their unarmed nation. If anyone has attacked our nation, it is the illegal Bush administration, with it's blatant and unrelenting attack on our constitution and our civil rights, as well as it's horrid disregard for our troops' safety, as illustrated in the latest Q&A of Rumsfeld in Kuwait:
CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait (AP) -- After delivering a pep talk designed to energize troops preparing to head for Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld got a little "talking to" himself from disgruntled soldiers.
He deserved this and should get more of this. Rumsfeld is nothing but a war criminal. He should be treated as a traitor to this nation for many, many reasons.

My favorite story though, comes from the San Diego Union-Tribune, where a sailor has refused to follow orders because this war is just wrong.

Sailor opposed to Iraq war refuses to board ship

Evidently, Pablo Paredes has
refused to board his Navy ship yesterday morning when it sailed for Iraq with thousands of Camp Pendleton Marines.
Paredes had planned to publicly throw his military I.D. into the ocean to underscore his stand against the war. But yesterday, he changed his mind after learning that he could be charged with destruction of government property.

In another story from the same Newspaper:

Acknowledging that he could face a court martial and possible imprisonment, a Navy petty officer yesterday said he will refuse to board his transport ship when it departs for the Persian Gulf this morning because he wants to make a public stand against the Iraq war.

This is the height of courage, and restores my faith in many of our military. This is NOT cowardice, as some war mongers might argue, he has risked a great deal by taking a moral stand. He has no desire to be part and parcel for sending many of our troops to probable death. He may very well end up being courtmartialed. Leavenworth is no fun, I know, my dad is a military judge.

One more story is here:

Soldiers Challenge Enlistment Extensions

Soldiers Challenge Pentagon Policy Extending Enlistments, Seek Immediate Release From Service

The Associated PressThe Associated Press

WASHINGTON Dec 6, 2004 — Eight soldiers filed a lawsuit Monday challenging the Army's policy requiring them to serve longer than the terms of their enlistment contracts.

It's likely that they won't be able to resist this violation of their contract, and in fact today, David Qualls, the only one of these soldiers who agreed to be identified, was told by this crazy judge that he had to go on to Iraq even while his case was being heard. The other plaintiffs have taken "John Doe" status because they are afraid of retaliation from the military. That's understandable considering this administration, and considering that they are IN IRAQ at this very moment. Good Luck, David and the rest of you. Personally, I think you should go AWOL before they send you off to this craziness.

To all of our troops that risk invoking the wrath of a government that has no regard for the safety of you or of this nation by fighting an immoral war, I thank you for your service. By resisting this war, you ARE defending the Constitution and honoring your pledge. That takes a great deal of courage. Good luck!

Ladyliberty /aka Fancypants


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