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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Day After Tomorrow

   By Emelius at 6:23 PM

      I know today may be rough for some of you. We pinned our hopes on a man and he could not get the job done as of today. There will be lots of reflections to the past and what should have been done. Where did we go wrong? Where did we go right? And then there is tomorrow. While we sort out the votes and try to fix what is broken with the voting system in this country, we must also look to how we can get our agenda done. So I would like to propose a few things that I think will make the Democratic party stronger.

  • State Amendments: We need amendments in every state that hold the SOS responsible for reporting election information. Never again should a state release voter returns until every single poll within that states borders are closed and the votes collected.

  • Local Media: It is not just the large market media’s that we need to keep in check, but the local media also. If your local news is reporting things that are not accurate, then let them know via e-mail. It only takes a minute and is very effective.

  • Why is rural Iowa choosing our urban democratic presidents? We need an effort to push the first primaries to urban blue states where we know what we need from a candidate.

  • FCC standards for political ads: Let’s enforce the same rules and laws for media on election media. There should be no objection to truth in advertising rules for any broadcast and most importantly, for political ads with the world at stake.

  • Equal Time: Equal time laws should be reinstated and allow the airwaves not to be abused by those with an agenda and money. The process of the media has deteriorated to a point that the lines have become blurred between news and commentary.

  • Democrats are democrats: One of the largest issues I have seen in the past few months is the general dissatisfaction with the party. Many feel that the party has abandoned it’s core values in the hopes of swaying republican voters. This has alienated many followers of the party and made them leave or wish they could leave. The democrats has further alienated the members of it’s party by playing ball with the other side and even going so far as elevating republicans to a higher status in efforts to get a rub off effect. All this has done though is get democrats to vote republican. Democrats have even voted with republicans to save their jobs, only to once again, abandon the values of the party that elected them. This has all resulted in liberal becoming a bad word and the democrats will not even defend themselves. Democrats should be democrats. They should vote like it, act like it, and defend it, or get out of the party.

      These are only a few things we can do to try to get back on track. While it is still early to be talking about tomorrow, these are things that need to be talked about. It is time to rethink where you fit into the Democratic Party. Find those core values and move on them. Take these values to your local and state elections and redevelop your community based on your newly understood values. Then when another presidential election comes, maybe we can be sure that we want our guy and not just don’t want theirs.


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