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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Liberal! There, I Said It.

   By Emelius at 8:57 AM

      There are some that say that they don’t know where the liberals stand on values or what the agenda is. They are unable to define what we believe in. Cool! That is what a liberal is all about. Those who question liberal values and can’t nail them down are the narrow minded people we are resisting. The whole point of the liberal agenda is based on choice and discussion. You see, liberals debate with each other, not to isolate each other, but to bring us together. We discuss the issues and find solutions. We talk to one another and try to understand and see what the other wants and try to include them in our mindset. These are not bad attributes as others would have you believe. We believe in inclusion. While the republicans took a majority of Christian/Catholic voters, they did not take them all. Also, those are the only religious groups they took. Democrats took a majority in all other religious sects. Again proving that we are not the narrow minded group that others want us to be. Liberals are able to set up dinner with Christians, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Agnostics, and Atheists, get along, and set an agenda. Those who say that liberals are anti-Israel are wrong. Unlike the conservatives who choose sides, we say both Israel and Palestine are in the wrong. We want peace in the Middle East, and fault those who are at fault. Conservatives say that liberals are pro-abortion. Wrong again Spanky. Liberals could care less if you have an abortion. That is your CHOICE and belief. It is not for us to dictate.

      Choice is really the heart of the liberal agenda. Choice to be gay or straight. Choice to have an abortion or not. Choice to be any religion you want to be. Choice to say what you want, where ever you want. Choice to be anonymous. Choice to be free. Choice to have it both ways if you want it. Choice, choice, choice. The conservatives are all about my way or the highway. Criminalization and demonization. That is not freedom. Liberals are pro America while conservatives are pro Nationalization.

      You can’t nail a liberal down so don’t try. Don’t be ashamed of it, embrace it. We don’t flip flop, we analyze and adjust. We seek solutions. Let’s take gay marriage. I have held a solution to gay marriage for some time now that just absolutely shocks the conservatives and you can only imagine my surprise when I heard it echoed last night on The West Wing. Let’s ban marriage from government approval. Yes, I said it. Let the government recognize legal unions between all people. You want a union? Fine, pay your tax, sign the paper, you are a legal union. Marriage is a concoction of religion. It is just a formality. If you want to get “Married”, then get married. You have that CHOICE. Go to your church and have a priest marry you. No biggie. Government should not get involved in your private life. That is liberal. Anyone who would want to force you to go through a church to get married is a fundamentalist that is narrow minded and trying to force their beliefs upon you whether you agree or not. This is not anti-religion, it is pro government, pro freedom, and supports the constitution.

      The time to hide is over. Liberal is not a dirty word or a bad thing to be. We are the real American’s and we are proud of it. Is it elitist to proclaim choice? No. It is oppressive to deny choice. So stand up and be proud. Wear that L on your arm with pride. Challenge anyone who stands in your way. Keep the debate going and show the world what the real danger to America is. Liberals pray for world peace. Liberals comfort the hungry and homeless. Liberals embrace all Americans.


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