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Friday, December 03, 2004

Welcome First Time Chatters

   By Emelius at 6:14 PM

We at AAR-IRC would like to welcome you to our IRC channel dedicated to Air America Radio. We are an unofficial chat environment designed to extend your listening experience and have been in operation since April 2004 started by people who have been listening to AAR since it’s launch.

IRC is a real time chat environment where you can discuss with others politics, AAR shows, and network with people from all over the world. Another great thing about our channel (Chat Room) is that you never know who you will meet. We have had people from AAR, political candidates, Black Box Voting, scholars, musicians, DJ’s, activists, artists, writers, programmers, and so many more.

There are several ways to connect to our channel and we can not cover them all. We have however tried to make it easy for newbies and veterans alike. On the right hand side of our page, you will see “IRC LINKS”. There you will find everything you need to get started.

#AAR – If you have an IRC client installed, there is a good chance that you can simply click that link and it will automatically launch your client and connect to our channel. If it does not, then start your IRC client and connect to the Undernet network then type ‘ /join #AAR ‘ and you are good to go.

Web Client – If you don’t have an IRC client installed, no fears. We have set up an internet web client that can have you chatting in a matter of minutes. Simply follow the link to the client and input a few lines of information, and you are good to go. If you get a ‘null’ error, just try another server. You may also get a java prompt. This is a standard warning and nothing to fear. Simply accept it and within minutes, you will be chatting with other fans of AAR.

IRC Clients – If you don’t have an IRC client and would like to get one for your operating system, we have provided a list of clients by OS for you to download and install. If you need help in choosing a client, pop in the channel and ask our chatters which ones they think would be best for you. We recommend a real client over our web client as they are more stable and flexible.

We hope that this has been instructional in being able to get you connected quickly and if you have more questions, please let us know in the comments at the bottom of this post or in our chat room. We also ask that you read our ‘Posts Of Note’ for channel guidelines and encourage you to participate in our lively discussions.


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