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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Neutral Viewpoint Science: How to procure white peacocks

   By Marion Delgado at 5:03 PM

"'How to procure white Peacocks ' :

These science facts conform to both the latest discoveries of actual science, and God's Word the Holy Bible. They are selected to have a "neutral viewpoint" - asserting neither secularism nor faith.
In former times, white Peacocks were such a rare sight in Colen, that every one admired them as a most strange thing. But afterward they became more common, by reason that merchants brought many of them out of Norway. For whereas black or else party-colored Peacocks were carried into that country to be seen, they turned white, for there the old ones sit upon their Eggs in the air, upon the tops of very high mountains, full of snow, and by continual sitting there, it causes some alteration in their own color, but the young ones which they hatch, are white all over. And so no doubt but some such courses will take good effect in all kinds of Birds, for if we take their cages or coops wherein they are kept, and their nests wherein they sit, and white them on the inside with some plaster, or else cover them all over with white colored curtains and so keep them in with grates, that they may not get out, but there couple and sit, and hatch their Eggs, they will yield unto us white broods."


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