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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More on that Downing Street Memo - WP refuses to cover story

   By Fancy Pants Elitist at 6:23 PM

Apian on Daily Kos posted a Diary today entitled:

Downing Street Evidence -- Washington Post Refuses to Cover Story

Evidently they aren't reporting this story because it's not news, it's because it is too explosive.

"In his weekly column, Washington Post ombudsman Michael Getler reported without comment that readers had criticized the newspaper for ignoring a leaked British memo on the Iraq war published in the British Sunday Times. Getler's failure to offer a judgment about the Post's editorial decision is remarkable, not only because he regularly responds in his column to reader criticisms, but because of the explosive content of the memo." ...In contrast to the U.S. media, U.K. news outlets devoted considerable coverage to the memo, and its disclosure reportedly had a significant impact on the Labour Party's loss of seats in the House of Commons. Yet ombudsman Getler simply reported that he had received reader complaints and moved on." - Source: Media Matters for America, Readers complain, but Wash. Post ombudsman mum on lack of coverage of U.K.-Iraq memo, May 9, 2005,
Check out Apian's Diary


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