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Monday, February 07, 2005

The work ahead for Howard Dean - Democrats no longer trust the party

   By Marion Delgado at 11:56 PM Politics: The work ahead for Howard Dean:

As Howard Dean prepares to take over the Democratic National Committee -- Donnie Fowler and Simon Rosenberg pulled out of the race over the weekend -- Stan Greenberg and James Carville are out with a new Democracy Corps memo on perceptions of the Democratic Party. The most troubling news: Democrats have seen their popularity plummet among . . . Democrats.

Republicans are 'viewed more favorably overall than the Democrats, led by a crash of positive sentiment for the Democratic Party among voters who identify as Democrats,' Greenberg and Carville write. 'Republican voters look at the parties today much as they did before the election; among independents, regard for the Democrats dropped somewhat, though independents still prefer them to the Republicans. Democratic voters are another story: 'warm' feelings for the Democrats dropped 12 points (from 86 to 74 percent) since the election. It is the Democrats who are demanding something more, perhaps a reckoning.'

The Democracy Corps memo is available here.

Do recall, though, that even though Stan Greenberg was a pollster for the DLC, during and after the 2000 election they painted him as a far-out McGovernick pollster. In addition to immediately stabbing Gore in the back in 2000, urging him to concede on November 7 and calling him a populist flake and a loser, they also attacked Greenberg and Democracy Corps, because Greenberg gave Gore the campaigning advice that turned him around 21 points, from being down by 11 points to up by 10 in 2000.


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