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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Blacklisted from seeing Bush

   By Marion Delgado at 8:28 PM Politics: "When Bush traveled to Fargo, N.D., for a forum there Thursday, more than 40 area residents found themselves on a list that prohibited them from getting tickets. Suspected terrorists? In the eyes of local Republicans maybe -- the residents on the list all seem to be known, one way or another, for their liberal political views.

Fargo City Commissioner Linda Coates made the list. So did several university professors, the producer of a liberal radio show, the deputy campaign manager for a Democratic gubernatorial candidate, and a couple of high school students, according to the Forum, Fargo's newspaper. But most of the members of the list had exactly one thing in common: They were also members of a Howard Dean Democracy for America Meetup group.

Some of the blacklisted liberals managed to get into the event anyway -- Coates scored a ticket from the mayor -- but it's still an odd way to operate for a president who sells the power of freedom in Iraq and calls for an 'open, candid' debate on Social Security back home.



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