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Monday, February 07, 2005

AAR: Washington Blade

   By Emelius at 7:40 PM

      Air America Radio got a good write up at The Washington Blade. The article focuses on the lesbian host's on AAR, the activism, and the future of the network.

AS A CO-HOST of one of the network’s weekday shows, Maddow says her job is not only to deliver news and viewpoints less represented on mainstream media outlets, but to entertain listeners as well.

“We work really hard all the time and take it very seriously,” she says. “Going in the studio is like going into surgery. Once those studio doors close and the red light goes on, there’s no turning back. I feel like the way we do the show is baking, not cooking. You put in all the ingredients, but you don’t know really what you have until it’s over. Until the timer goes off, we’re live.”


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