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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Stake In The Union Part I

   By Emelius at 3:50 PM

      My fellow Americans. I speak to you today to tell you about the stake in the union. America is a great country when it wants to be and it is never too late to change. At any moment, a president can turn the page and start fresh and work for the good of all it's people. America does not have to be like old England where the rich reaped the rewards from the poor. Instead, we can work off a dream that will provide for those less fortunate than ourselves. We can plant the seeds and watch them grow as long as we do things in good faith and without selfishness. We can plan for a better tomorrow when we can dismantle our social programs, not because we have to, but because they are no longer needed.

      Between 1981 and 1983 President Reagan had informed the country that Social Security was on the brink of bankruptcy and at one point saying that it would not last another 5 years. It was through hard work and smart planning that we were able to plan for the changing world and ensure that Social Security would be around for our future aging citizens. Truth is that we have heard these threats time and time again. Over and over we have been warned about the failures of Social Security. We have been told it would go bankrupt so many times, I have lost count. Under Reagan Social Security was in so much trouble that the government used the money from it to fund it's cold war against the Soviet Union. There are many truths out there and one of the truths is that Social Security is stronger than ever. Bush has stated that Social Security will go bankrupt in 1988. It did not. We were warned that it would go bankrupt in. 2029. It won't. We have heard warnings of impending doom in 2018. Bush has said it will go bankrupt in 2040 and 2042. Now we are told 2052. Truth be told, I don't think Bush really knows and has taken no time to research the matter personally. Our president has come up with an agenda and demanded that his people do it at any costs. Those costs being to scare the American people and do nothing to actually try to fix the problems.

      No one has ever said that Social Security would be funded for the next 1000 years. We all know that there will be a cap on it. To deny that it will have an end of funding date is to be uneducated to the point that you should not be allowed to function in society. It will always have an end date and you can choose to look at the glass as half empty or half full. 50 years is better than 5 years and if we start to make small changes today, it will head off big changes tomorrow. A penny today is better than 10 pennies tomorrow. With strong leadership and a true vision, this so called problem can be headed off and social security can be extend beyond our lifetime. The alternative is to saturate the workforce with the elderly that are too weak or unwanted. Create a growing number of unemployed, homeless, and poor, and have people die every year from starvation instead of old age. I ask my fellow Americans to stand with me and demand an end to chain rattling and ghost stories, and demand answers and solutions from our nations best and if they can't do it, then tell them to stand aside to let the people with real leadership and knowledge a chance to make America the greatest nation on Earth. In the words of John Ashcroft, "Let the eagles soar". The rest of you turkeys need to get out of the way.


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