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Monday, December 13, 2004

Ohio Submits Despite Protest

   By Emelius at 5:25 AM

      While around 100 protesters gathered outside of Ohio's Statehouse yesterday, Ohio plans to go ahead today with casting it's electoral votes for George Bush. The protesters were objecting to proceeding with it's plans to cast it's votes before a court approved recount has finished which is expected to be completed sometime next week. Many republicans in Ohio have discounted the protesters and the recount saying it is a waste of time and money. Yet, it is the right of the voters and candidates to do so. Any final process of the votes should be held off till the recount is finished to put off any appearance of trying to be partisan and disenfranchising voters. An effort by Secretary of State Blackwell should have done also in knowing that these recounts were coming, should have done what he could to try to get the initial and recounts done before the Electoral College was to cast their votes. Blackwell refuses to delay the sending of his certification.


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