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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Bush Has Ties To Swift Goats Oddly

   By Emelius at 2:48 AM

If you thinking that this is what you heard about before, guess again. This is yet another person within the Bush camp that has ties to the Swift Boat Vets (Swift Goats) for ... um Truth? This time the tie is Ben Ginsberg, the Bush cammpaign's chief outside counsel. Yep, you heard it, Bush's lawyer. And guess who he is giving legal advice to? Yep, you guessed it, the Swift Goats. Oddly enough, Bush still claims that there are no ties to the 527 group that has gone to great length to distort the truth by editing the audio clips of kerry to make him say things he has not. So how will all this play out? Well the Bush side is saying that Kerry has MoveOn people on his staff but has failed to mention names or produce evidence. Kerry has said that Bush is using the Swift Goats to do his dirty work and has outted 2 of them so far. If Kerry does have MoveOn people on his staff, I would guess they are ex MoveOn staff. Either way, both parties need to abide by the law and we can only hope that Bush learns his lesson from this. Now if we can get Bush to admit it was a mistake to use the Swift Goats is another story in it's self.


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