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Monday, August 23, 2004

A New Face

   By Emelius at 5:35 AM

Whether you are new to IRC, or AAR, we welcome you all. Some of you might have noticed a change. We used to be #MajorityReport, a chat channel dedicated to the Air America Radio show Majorty Report. It did not take long though for us to outgrow just that one show. While we have all enjoyed and supported all the shows on AAR, our name seemed limiting. Well no more. We are now AAR-IRC. The only true, and most successful, IRC chat channel that supports AAR. If you are concerned if we will continue to support Majority Report as we have in the past, then not to worry. Nothing has changed. In fact over the comming weeks, we will be supporting even more shows in the same way you have come to know and love us. For those that are new and wondering if we are trying to steal traffic from the blogs, then rest assured we are not. Our goal is to try to offer an alternative to the AAR blogs and their shows in an unofficial way. We wish to work hand in hand with the blogs and only offer an alternative way to communicate with one another. We fully recoginize the importance of the blogs. We also realize how tiresome it can be to hit that refresh key every 10 seconds.

Those that are new to the whole IRC experience will have a slight adjustment to make compared to the blog world. We have found though that once you give it a fair enough chance, that you will fit right in.

Those who are used to us from Majority Report and wondering about our old website and other details. Don't worry. We are slowly migrating all our services over and all the people you have come to love are in the new channel.

To all the trolls who may be checking us out for the first time. You are in for the biggest surprise of all. There is no post and run. There is no hiding. And yes, we do ban if you get out of hand. Don't underestimate us.

If you have an IRC Client, then hit the #AAR link on the right hand panel, or use the webclient. Grab yourself a nice French wine, a plate of cheese, and click on one of our streams. Sit back and enjoy as you enter a no-spin zone like none other.


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