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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Dogs used to frighten teenagers at Abu Ghraib

   By Emelius at 2:41 PM

Well it turns out, just as we had stated earlier, that things would get worse in the Abu Ghraib mess as the investigations were allowed to move along. In recent remarks it has been found that dogs were used to frighten teenagers at Abu Ghraib. This reallly is no surprise for those of us who have been following this mess as these revelations were brought out during the Congressional hearings in July. These incidents are not only immoral, but they are illegal according to military code and the Geneva Convention.

An Army investigation into the Abu Ghraib prison scandal has found that military police dogs were used to frighten detained Iraqi teenagers as part of a sadistic game, one of many details in the forthcoming report that were provoking expressions of concern and disgust among Army officers briefed on the findings.


Blogger BluePheonix said...

reminds ya'll bout th good ol days , when we had them slaves, that was great.....ahh the good old days when the media would pull you appart somthing ...back when reporters had ballz and would ask a bastard prez," WTF are you doing to our country??? dry drunk, bible thumpin, draft dodgin, white house stealin, flaming LIAR!!!.....lie to canada will you, hell the mounties are on to you bush...and the mounties always get their man in the end....i'm gonna love watching bush and cheney on trial for war crimes and profiteering=)......have a nice day

8:39 PM  

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