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Monday, November 14, 2005

A Belated Save Maron Plea

   By Marion Delgado at 9:29 PM

This is bulls__t.

If you haven't done so lately, listen to Marc and Mark even if you have to podcast it (search via iTunes) or go to Do it today.

You'll be surprised just how good the show is.

Danny Goldberg is losing Teen Spirit.

I didn't post on this blog much about Lizz for various reasons, one being that she was keeping a low profile planning to sue for contractual money accruing to her from her fairly high (almost $300k) salary.

I doubt Maron is either getting her salary or calculating winning a big severance in court.

And since Unfiltered was a 3-person show there was a little more slack, albeit it was similar (losing their comedic element). And, obviously, I didn't bitch about MS losing Sue Endicott because I didn't think she was as vital to the show as Maron and Riley, and still don't.

Anyhow, Maron doesn't want to leave, he's doing great considering on the West Coast he's on at 3am, and frankly, once he leaves the only hip people left in the broad sense will be Sam and Janeane and the specialty shows (Chuck D, Kyle Jason, and Steve Earle). And that's not enough - Al Gore has the right idea, at least try to win the next generation while keeping the coveted demographics (which he's assuming other media will do).


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