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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Family Guy Censored Due To FCC Fears

   By Emelius at 2:06 AM

      The FOX cartoon Family Guy which will be resuming with new shows in the Spring, has had an old episode censored. In the episode, Peter exposes his butt. In an effort to stem off any fines, FOX has pixelated it. Are we so worried about things in our current culture that we are now censoring cartoon butt in primetime? I thought the V-Chip was supposed to take care of these problems.


Blogger BluPheonix said...

Well, finally somthing I can voice an edumacated opinionon. Famlily Guy is one of my favorite shows, and I am psyched about a new season. But the fact that FAUX is censoring an episode leaves me wondering, will "american dad" be as funny as family guy!!?? I mean with all the new FCC rules, can it be as edgy and funny as it was. I hope so. who cares, so they blurr out peters ass, who cares, it's when they start cutting dialouge i get pissed off. I just bought season 4 south park. Did you know that SP is on season 9. yea thets pretty freaky. So i totaly bought the wrong season..altho it is the first season of TIMMY!! has some funny Episodes, cherokee hair tampons, and cartman joins NAMBLA, but i want the new SP, it just gets funnier every year. Unlike the simpsons, who after almost 18 years, needs to be put out of it's misery, SP, and family guy could live on forever, and age like wine. anyways, either way you put it, Fox is shit.


4:59 PM  

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