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Monday, January 17, 2005

Correction And Apology To Atrios

   By Emelius at 9:51 PM

      Let me start off by offering an apology to Atrios for any thing that I may have written that was incorrect in a recent article I wrote. In the article I had incorrectly stated that Atrios had recieved money from the Dean campaign. Atrios in fact did not recieve money from Dean and regret any misconceptions or damage this may have done to him. I have thought and still think Atrios is a fine blogger and performs a very needed service to the blogging community. I thank Atrios for bringing this to my attention.

Obviously I've taken ads from candidates, and I've plugged a few advertisers before, but there's never been any pay-for-plug on this site...
-Atrios 5:10 PM


Blogger BluPheonix said...

Well this is good news.
There is nothing wrong with ad's and such
i mean, AAR takes ad $ from the AJC.
so as long as your not getting paid for your opinion
or pushing an agenda, i think your ok.
But it brings up a good point. Don't belive everything you read. Do your own research, the info is out there, you just need to look for yourself. No offence to anyone intended. good for you atrios, don't take dirty money, it's called dirty money because it tarnishes your credibility.

5:23 PM  

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