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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Channel Discussion Tonight Refined And Posted

   By Emelius at 1:48 AM

      It has come to my attention that some may not be happy with the ways our OPs operate the channel. To this I must remind everyone that our OPs are volunteers and are not paid or represented by Air America Radio in any way. Our OPs do the best they can when they are on duty and try to not only govern the channel but also participate in it. We will not ask our OPs to not be a part of the discussion as their role when asked was to simply help maintain some order and ensure our guidelines and rules are followed. Not sit and watch text without getting involved in a passion they hold for politics and Air America Radio.

      The key rule is that OPs have total discretion in their actions as many things may come up in a political chat room that may not be foreseen in advance. Our rules are derived by committee and are not subject to public debate and are NOT made by one person. ALL OPs agree to our rules before they are passed or they do not get passed. Some OPs may be more forgiving with the rules than others depending on the time of day or the situation. This should not be seen as a weakness or inconsistency, but rather a judgment call at the time. Any attempt to divide the OPs will fail and will have a negative impact on yourself, so we suggest that you just stay to topics you are more familiar with. We are also not some "Other" or "My" channel. We have our own way of doing things in here and will continue to do them that way. Our channel is not a democracy, but a private place that has been made open to the public.

      To use tactics such as calling our OPs Nazi's, Fascists, or Dicks, is not only unfair and hurtful, but uncalled for and untrue. To press such an issue may cause a disruption in the channel and our OPs will act for the benefit of the channel. Our primary goal is to network the community around Air America Radio not serve your personal needs. If you are not here to discuss politics and Air America Radio, then you may have the wrong room. I know how we all spend a good deal of time together and form close bonds and friendships, but as OPs and participating members of the community, we do have greater responsibilities. Do not mistake an OPs job for one of a personal attack.

      If an OPs actions are seen as inappropriate, it is reviewed. If you ever have a question or complaint about an OP, you may personal message them or mail any of our OPs at (nick) Your feedback and support in this channel has made this a great place and we welcome it. Petty debates about what the OPs do should not be a talking point in this channel. War, Torture, Civil Rights, Protests, Murder, Rape, Injustice, Elections, and Randi Rhodes latest rant would be stronger, more productive areas to focus on.

      For those who have been with us since last April, you have seen us make HUGE steps in becoming what AAR-IRC is today. From our blogs, to our OPs, to the people who visit. We have had show guests, liberal icons, and AAR reps visit and talk with us. We have learned more about the world and each other. It is easy to forget why we are sometimes here when we are here so often. What better time to reflect than this weekend when we can remember all the people who died for just wanting to be an American but were denied because they were black, considered a lesser citizen by some at the time. At a time when a Nobel Peace Prize winner may go to prison for being a woman and educated. When a telethon was held to help those who's lives were totally ruined beyond any concept we may understand, through an act of god. With the worlds bigger problems going on, does it really meet the needs of over discussion in channel about why an OP enforced a rule?

      On behalf of all the admins here at AAR-IRC, we want to extend our thank you for your time, listening, and support for the channel and Air America Radio.

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