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Friday, September 17, 2004

A vote for Bush is a vote for Hurricanes

   By Fancy Pants Elitist at 9:04 PM

A vote for Bush is vote for Hurricanes

Hi ya'll,
New to the board, so bear with me here...

It's probably pretty obvious to most people who respect science that global warming is upon us. The ice caps are melting, 10's of thousands died last summer in Europe because of heat, global weather is nuts, and the Southeastern US especially Florida is being inundated with one slam after the other with Hurricanes.

Hurricanes, in case people didn't know, are a reaction of the planet's hemiostatic system to balance out hot spots. A hurricane is a reaction to increased temperature. And though we have these every year to one degree or the other, since the temperatures have risen quite dramatically in the past few years (and it doesn't take much!), it's only natural that we would have a dramatic increase in storms. It's not consistent year in and year out, because weather systems are highly chaotic, but anyone watching or experiencing the latest would have to be an idiot to not realize that there's something afoot. I've studied global warming issues for years, this was predicted, and fairly expected.

Global Warming is 1. a cycle that occurs on a regular geological basis but 2. something that is highly influenced by an increase in greenhouse gases, most specifically carbon dioxide (CO2). Pollution, from cars, from fossil fuels... from the Mid-East primarily, from Iraq and Saudi Arabia etc, IE, from Oil. Whether or not we were due for another global warming cycle (which leads to an ice age, and I prefer the name "Catostrophic Climate Change" to Global Warming because that's misleading), we have certainly exacerbated the situation, probably speeding it up, by the increase of CO2 levels and other greenhouse gases through our polluting practices. Continuing to use fossil fuels and not using renewable resources, is a way to just make the weather as insane as possible.

I think it's fairly safe to say that Bush is a "Texas Oiler" as is his string holder and corporate racketeer, Dick Cheney. It is not in the best interest of Bush's friends to go for alternative energy resources and renewables... well ultimately it is, but they don't care about our future, or apparently their own asnd their children's and they definitely don't care about the Earth. I think they actively like polluting. Their addiction to oil, which in turn makes us addicted, is appalling. Everything is the bottom line for them, even if it destroys our lives.

While I can't say with absolute proof that these hurricanes are a direct result of the Bush administration, and really I can't because the pollution and the lack of vision by our country and the rest of the world has been going on for a long time, I can say that voting for Bush is voting for more hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and incredibly bad weather. There are numerous other reasons to not vote for this guy but this one, considering our latest and ongoing weather freakiness, should be enough by itself.

Kerry is promoting renewable energies, and has a whole new industry in his plans, that will employ a lot of people, and help our recession and our environment, and our reliance on foreign sources of oil.

And with almost every issue in this election, energy is the key connecting issue.

Vote for Kerry...



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