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Thursday, September 02, 2004

October Surprise?

   By Emelius at 3:53 AM

And so the drums of war beat once again. Colin Powell is now urging the UN to take action on Iran. This is the same UN that the republicans are saying we should not go to (I wish they would make up their mind). The other side of this is that Bush can not sustain the troops he has and this is an election year. That means a draft. You can't avoid it. That is all assuming that Bush goes to war with Iran, but who are we kidding. The only thing Bush seems to do is go to war. Not that he is any good at it mind you. Sure he can bomb the hell out of a smaller country, but can he reconstruct it? No he can't. Let's face it, it has been 3 years and he still can't find Osama. Hmmmm, seems like he criticized Clinton for being unable to find Osama as well. But I digress. Hide your children in the attic and dry clean your flag.


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