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Thursday, September 02, 2004

NeoCon Day 3 Thoughts

   By Emelius at 1:23 AM

I really don't have too much to say after tonight’s round of speeches from Miller and Cheney. These are dark times in America though. Miller and Cheney dished out the talking points and lies in a purposeful way as to deceive the American voters. In all my years of politics I have never heard such abusive and divisive wording at a convention before. It is truly a shame above all others. Rather than going over point by point of the long list of lies and deception that angered me tonight, I would rather address the Kerry campaign. I know they will never read this, but it will make me feel better.

Kerry, you need to pony up and ride into battle. It is time to show the warrior and take the lead into the darkest of nights. No need to lie, or to be deceptive. Be honest and bring the truth. Don't do it in Senate speak either. Use simple one sentence sound bites that everyone can understand. Bring up Bush's false medals and the doctored paperwork which is a federal crime. Bring up Cheney's illegal bents with Halliburton. Bring up George Bush's inability to manage his own intelligence council. Talk about Bush's inability to know that America was in a recession (his words) before he took office and that he had no plan to recover from it nor did he talk about it. Talk about Bush's criticism about when a politician changes his mind, and then Bush does the same thing. It was William J. Clinton that said, "Strength and wisdom are not opposing values". Use that and feed off of it.

Now to the voters, this election is up to you. If you expect Kerry to go door to door to explain himself to everyone, then you need to leave. That is not real, yet that is what I hear. You bitch about the media, yet you don't talk with the media. You talk about the need to get out the vote, yet you don't have your glove box crammed with voter registration cards. You need to get active.

So first thing in the morning, find your state run democratic party and sign up for their newsletters. Next, find your local DNC office and ask for supplies. Ask how you can help all the candidates. You may not be ready to go door to door, but maybe you can man the phone bank for 2 nights. Get the signs, bumper stickers, and buttons. Know your candidates. And contact the media when they are focusing on a non story. Don't just bitch, call or email the media and correct them. Tell them the real story. Do something for goodness sake. It takes all of five minutes and then you can blame the media. If you don't, then you have no right to complain about the media, but rather you can only blame yourself.

You can make a difference, but you need to try. Government will not help you. You have to help yourself first. It is like thinking that a job will come to you. No you have to go to the job. A change in the regime starts today, and guess what ... it starts with you. You. The one sole individual person who thinks the world is too big to change the world alone. Well it is. But if we get enough you's together ... wow. Some great things can happen. Magic happens when we get a thousand you’s working for one goal. Change happens. Lives are changed. People are saved not in the name of god, but from famine, disease, and poverty. It all starts and ends with you. Without you, there is no us.


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