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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

A Call To Wallets

   By Emelius at 2:50 AM

Ok, so the title is the worse you can choose if you want anyone to ready your article, but nothing else seems to work at this hour. This is not a call for cash for a candidate or a party though. No, this time it is for a greater need. If you have been paying attention in even the least this week, you will have noticed that there has been a great thing happening for the left. We have managed to do what the right could not. We have won the media battle for the first 2 days of NeoCon 2004. We have the headlines, we have the lead in's, we have the first 5+ minutes of the national news. This has come at a great price and the price will only get bigger as we move into Thursday and the police lose their patients. What has been happening is a very well coordinated series of protests throughout New York that I have never seen before. Through the use of text messaging, websites, and cell phones, the protesters have been able to move like a school of fish navigating the streets of New York and launching into multiple demonstrations at a moments notice and keep the police on their toes. The downside is that now there is bail and lawyers.

So what you can do is open up your wallets since you can't be there to perform the actions. Think about it. What if you were there and a bunch of your friends said, "You want to go down to the FOX studios and participate in a 'Shut Up!' protest?" and you go. Then the cops bust you, legit or not. Now you are in jail and have to come up with $1500 or face 30 days in jail and have a record. Not a pleasant thought for saying "Shut Up FOX!" So I sit here after watching reports file in all day about protesters, and wondered what it was we could do. So I ask for you to donate some cash. Give a little or a lot, I don't care and neither do they. They are putting their lives and livelihoods on the line for us via proxy. They are our troops in the battle. A battle with more cops than soldiers in Afghanistan. So how about supporting OUR troops in this war to reclaim America as a land of freedom. A land of free speech. Free to assemble. The freedom to walk the streets without being asked for you papers, what is in your backpack, or a dog search of your person or car.

There are so many groups that would be glad to take your money that it would take post of it's own to list. So I will only direct you to two groups and you can ask them where your money is better sent to help these activists. So please contact the New York ACLU
and United For Peace And Justice. I am sure they would appreciate it and so will some one who had to spend the night in jail to reclaim your rights.


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