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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Republican's Insult Wounded Soldiers

   By Emelius at 2:20 AM

I am not a war type person. But even I would not go to certain steps. Today, republicans at the RNC wore bandaids to downplay Kerry's purple hearts. Little do they realize that when they pick on one, they pick on them all. They minimize all the wounded combat vets of Vietnam, Korea, WWII, GulfWar I & II. Good job you creatins. Maybe you should think before you act. Before you say support the troops, you should mean it. Better yet, quit listening to talking points and do some research for yourself. While I am at it, let me leave you with something else to chew on. Before you go bashing Kerry for telling Congress about attrocities in Vietnam, try to remember that they did happen and because of his actions, he was able to stop them. If you are against Kerry speaking out, you are against all whistle blowers. You are for the torture our troops are guilty of in Iraq. You are against the Geneva Convention. Think before you speak! Read before you make up your mind! You are only showing your ignorance and driving America into a shithole that it will take 20 years to recover from you dolt.

These bandaids and the people handing them out got busted on the convention floor and the were told to stop. Delegates were then told to remove the bandaids as reported from the floor of the convention on CNN.


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