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Monday, December 20, 2004

Bush Denounces Christmas

   By Emelius at 1:55 PM

      Bush today, in breaking ranks with some republicans and FOX "News", levied a severe blow to Jesus Christ and his cause to find his way into every American house this month. In a press conference earlier today, Bush wished not a Merry Christmas, but rather Happy Holidays.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you. Please be seated. Good morning and happy holidays to you all. I thought I'd come and answer some of your questions....

(And in closing)
All right, happy holidays.


Blogger BluPheonix said...

and do you hear the "rapture right", getting pissed at that,? not a word...., nothing, much for bush and his "moral christian values"...also, as of late i have been hearing much adoo about christmas, and how the "liberals" want to take away christmas....take CNN for example, the otherday CNN had a right wing christian , and a "liberal" jew. now we all know jews don't celebrate christmas, so y have a jewish dem on??, Ahhh, it's brilliant, you'll love this. the christian right guy was hammering the fact that liberals want to take away christmas, and the jew dem, totaly backed up what the right wing was should be done away with, not everyone celebrates christmas, NOT EVERYONE IS HAPPY THIS TIME OF was the WORST piece of contrived dialouge i have ever heard on a news show, and the host of the discussion, but the beloved JUDY WOODRUFF....gee, she's not a right wing hack is she?...anyone with half a brain who saw that discussion, saw right thru it, and you hsould all be ashamed that you have let your once great nation get hijacked by these thugs......shame on you america, get off the drugs.

7:29 PM  

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