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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Watching the Wheels Come Off

   By Majority Reporters at 4:02 PM

That many Americans are starting to realize what a complete train wreck the current Bush Administration is makes me very happy. As the poll numbers indicate, Americans are getting more and more disgusted with Bush and his policies since they see the resultsof his actions are an war without an end in site, thousands of American soldiers dead, tens of thousands of Iraqi's dead, and 100 billion spent on this war every year. How many kids could have gone to college with the money we have spent on this war based on lies? We already have some idea of how many kids would not have died without this war.

Fortunately as the tide turns against this evil empire that Bush and Cheney have built, more and more people will see Bush for what he is, a man who is good at memorizing scripts and answers, but cannot think his way out of a paper bag. Bush and his cronies will do anything they can to avoid GWB having to be involved in anything resembling a free form discussiong where the public can watch because Bush is just a regurgitator. After many years of going to school and memorizing facts to regurgitate later, he became our regurgitating President, spitting out canned, tested answers as fast as his Idiot Savant brain would allow. Heaven help us if he ever has to make life and death decisions on his own.

Oh wait, he already did in the case of New Orleans. He had a choice of helping or going to bed. He chose going to bed. I cannot say that anything the Mediocre Student In Chief does really surprises me that much, though sometimes it does horrify me. Just be glad that 2008 is not so far away. :)

Steve L.


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