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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Celebrate With Me

   By Majority Reporters at 7:16 AM

With the popularity of Bush and Schwartzenloser going down faster than a Hilton in one of their hotel rooms along with the dropping support for this bullshit war in Iraq, it might be a good time to stop, pause, smell the roses, smell the coffee, and pat ourselves on the back for knowing in advance and SAYING in advance that Bush, Ahnold, and this crappy war were all big mistakes.

Thanks to all of you in the channel who helped me realize that despite what the Corporate Mass Media was saying, that I was not crazy for thinking that tax cuts for the rich, cutting programs for the poor, the elderly, the sick, and our veterans, and this insane bloody mess of an Iraq war were all stupid, nuts, and wrong. As often is the case, the American public at large takes much longer to realize the truth than progressive liberal free thinkers, but at least they are finally starting to come around. So pat yourself on the back, pour yourself one of those latte's that the right wingers always think we are drinking, sit back, relax, and feel satisfyingly smug. All those months of fighting the good fight have earned you at least that much.

Thanks again and enjoy your coffee break,
Steve L.


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