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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

WTF!?! Moment of the news cycle

   By PhilKll at 12:39 AM

If you go to Drudge as of the writing of this post scroll down a bit and look on the left hand side for a link titled "DROPPING THE MS FROM MSNBC?...." or if its gone check the recent headlines archive. This story isn't news worthy in and of its self, but what the link takes you to is. It is a NY post articles that says little more than Drudge is reporting MSNBC is dropping the MS. But on Drudge the only mention of this, is the link to the NY Post article. Wow, their just not even trying any more. Do they really think people are stupid enough to follow the link, read the story, and completely forget that the link that took them there is the supposed source of the information which was little more than a link to the article it was the source of? I gave up making fun of the media, cause they do a better job of it.


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