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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Head Games: The Whoring Of Debate

   By PhilKll at 11:33 PM

If you keep up on politics, the media, and marketing tactics you begin to see a pattern emerging, head games, and lots of them. It’s almost like head games have replaced the secret societies of yester year. You know those powerful groups of elitists who would conglomerate under some goofy retarded cult like belief and undermine the above ground governing to steer it in their direction. It’s an unspoken menace that has always and will always lead society to ruin. Why? Because it has the interests of the few in mind, and not that of the people. Mostly this is why these are secret agendas, because when held under the light of public scrutiny, they would fail miserably. But, thanks to secrecy and near invisibleness, they are allowed to keep out of sight and pressure their agenda. Like racist groups such as the Klan before them, these secret societies, were run out of the mainstream and demonized, so, like the glass ceiling we have now, things got more covert.

The head game, I’m sure we have all played them, either to con someone into thinking they liked us more than they do, jealously. Or to get someone to do something they do not necessarily want to do, motivation. Its no secret marketing invokes these two feelings heavily on consumers to get them to buy, motivation, and want, jealousy. Moving into the political realm, we find a vast power struggle, for the votes of the people. And in the political news spectrum we find this vast struggle too, for it is pretty common knowledge that most news personalities are shills for one side or the other. And they are playing serious games to capture the perception of the public.

So what is the issue? Well head games are fake, the invoke a fake sense of need, or ability in an idea or product, its basically saying what you have to say or sell, can not stand on its own, that in the public arena, it will fail, your ideas self destruct under the weight of logic and reason, or your product is deemed useless and does not live up to it’s claimed abilities. Basically the merit of what you are setting is not self evident to the public, and by using conventional logic and reason, this is still not becoming clear to them, so you resort to a form of lying. Not much unlike the secret society, lying when pressed if its there or hiding behind it.

At this point we have pretty much one side of the two pronged political approach dictating the talking points of the day. It seems republicans set forth and idea, and it is then seemingly necessary for the democrats to respond, thus circumventing anything the democrats may have wanted to say. And at some point they seem to become victims of stereotype threat, that is becoming what you are perceived to be by others. It’s almost like they have lost their agenda and are merely a rebellion. They’ve fallen victim to a head game, they lost their agenda in a barrage of talking points they felt needed to be replied to. When I was younger a friend of mine in class took and empty egg shell from the nature display and held it in front of my while I sat at my desk, he threatened, and then dropped it, my instinct was to catch it before it broke. It happened again, and I caught it again, third try? I let it drop, he freaked. The entire scene was absolutely pointless, unless you count this little comparison. But it was a head game, and at that age, probably on multiple levels.

What this all adds up to is a sort of fiction in our society, a false since of reality, as yesterdays little trick, makes us all into whores of fantasy today. Running scared from conflict that has any weight to it, screaming matches on political talk shows do not count, nothing of interest ever gets said and both sides are none the wiser for the interaction, the head game gives both sides an escape route to run from the possibility they might have been wrong or right. Its all just a game, and the only thing that matters is who wins, not what is best, cause the ideas of today will just be interpreted as tomorrows something else’s so we don’t have to point the finger at ourselves, cause everyone thinks they were right and it was someone else’s fault. Well I say, fuck your stupid games, I don’t give a shit about any of this, you can never, and will never make me, and thanks to your own drowning in these games, you will never see me, you’ll only see me doing what you want to see me doing, go ahead, live in your fantasy world, I’ll take reality every time, good bad or indifferent, at least I’ll know what really happened, and you’ll only know what you interpreted as happened, I’ll be able to swim, you’ll just sink. Next up... Verbal Masturbation: Who The Fuck Are You Talking To? Okay maybe I still make fun of the media :) Sorry if I rambled, I had a small idea and just went with it, one of these days I'll prepare these properly.


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