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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Scripting of a Legend

   By PhilKll at 12:46 AM

There seems to be a thing with urban legend in our society, or more so a legend, or dynasty even. In the modern era we have a few, James Dean, Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King. People who were cut down, shot down, or shot up before their time. They’re legends, they leave behind them a legacy, these are recent ones, looking back farther we have U.S. Presidents during World Wars, during Civil Wars, on the battle field, before them, we have the great artists who live larger than life, ironically only after they died. These people have an air of romanticism that surrounds them, what if, if only, what would they say? They live in or dwell in the idea of urban legends now, bigger than ever.

Ever get involved in Pro Wrestling? I have, I have a firm belief culture trickles up, I reference the 90’s, gangsta rap started in the economic impoverished ghettos of this country, where gang life is the only life, otherwise no one has your back at all. Or the Alternative Rock movement, where looking ghetto ass poor was cool, second hand corduroys and a flannel were the pinnacle of social image. Those fads swept the nation until they were bought up by corporations and marketing, and were full fledge mainstream. Oddly enough a $300 a day smack habit or a six fo pancaked sittin’ on triple gold D’s were not for the poor amongst us. Pro wrestling being pretty much the bottom rung of “cultured’ entertainment, it for sure ain’t no Masterpiece Theater, is actually powered by the same concept of what politics has become, or what highschool was, a popularity contest. In the old days the match outcomes were actually decided by which wrestler got the loudest reaction from the crowd, either loudest cheers, or loudest boos. But it’s a drama meant to get a reaction from the crowd, or in this case the general public. These “angles” as they are called are planned out from the beginning, who are friends, who are enemy’s, who turns on who, who gets screwed, who gets revenge, its all meant to win over a certain idea in the viewers minds.

Looking at Bush, and his head keeper Karl Rove, I think we have such a written script on our hands. Bush has a team of media consultants that set up his press conferences, his photo ops, every square inch is planned out of what you see on your tv, pixel if you got LCD. Bush is flanked by more media outlets than you can shake a stick at all gunning for the same thing, Bush’s greatness. The town halls with the strict adherence to no opposition is evidence of this, he his being premed and prepped to be a legacy. But he’s not on his own, so we have image management. I don’t think Bush is the only one in this society, seems there are lots of people wanting to follow in their hero’s footsteps, or false prop up someone as the next so and so. Redundant referencing ad nauseum. So that leaves two questions, just how far will they go to prop up Bush, and will it just be blatantly obvious he is not the legend they made Reagan out to be, or JPII, oddly enough there deaths flanked his reelection. And secondly, is there someone higher than Bush? Will Rove punk Bush to put over his next minion to the masses?

Remember the good old days? When a legend was a legend, when how great you were was something that just happened, you got done, and people were like holy shit that was fucking incredible, when the legend was undeniable, when it was by definition what that person was, and not some scripted advertising fad researched out of marketing data and spoon feed to our impulse buying, gotta have it now, society that clings so desperately to not being an also ran generation flanked by greatness.


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