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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Just A Friendly Game...

   By PhilKll at 12:48 AM

Have you noticed that “debating” has become more like an Ultimate Fighting Championship than an exchange of information in a point counterpoint fashion? Seems these days that which our fore fathers held so dear that they would make it the first Amendment has, like so many things before it, been whored to the Almighty Dollar. Gone is any semblance of civility, gone is the essence of what a debate is supposed to be. I've was never in the debate club in high school, but I've taken more than a few classes where we were to defend ideas we had formulated, I was taught the riggers of debate, not so much in the standard format of political debates, I use the term loosely as they might point counterpoint, but they are merely preplanned back rubs on each candidates parts, or more of a sandbox hissy fit by two or more spoiled brats, but to listen and response with a certain civility, with a proper conduct, so that not only were both sides heard, but that there was a common understanding between the two. That being we were usually both interested in ascending our knowledge, not just stroking yesterday with the lies of today. And maybe here in lies the problem.

What was different between those college courses I took, and what we see in the media today? I set forth two answers. The first is, imagine if all of a sudden your favorite radio talk show host came on the air and said, folks, I've been doing this for x amount of years and today I have seen the light, all this time I have been wrong, misguided, lying to myself. Sure that person might have filled and empty void in their soul, but just kicked their lively hood in the balls. They loose their listeners who tune in for one of two reasons, to have their ideology spooned or to be whipped into a frothy foamed mouth anger at the lies told to them by this host. The listeners freak and spin the dial, the producer has a heart attack, the program manager breaks out in a cold sweat, and the advertisers drop the ads, thats a big pill to swallow. Another is similar but not money related.

Who wants to find out they've been living a lie, who wants to give up the rope that has held them when they were at the end of it? And what if they do? Whose to say the lie you found yesterday for, isn't going to be tomorrows gullibility? Life isn't linear from start to finish, we learn along the way, our experiences shape and mold us, our beliefs and emotions make our decisions. A lot of people hide behind this wall, its got safety and comfort, but if you over specialize you breed weakness, and it crumbles to the ground. And as it is so painfully obvious, emotions are what these people are arguing.

Anger sells, action sells, raw damage sells, train wrecks sell, all of these things make for great entertainment but at what cost? Whose selling t his crap? and is it them, or the people two blame, we're capitalist, if it don't sell, it don't make money, chicken and the egg. We can argue until we are blue in the faces and thats all we'll be, running out of oxygen as Rome falls under its own weight again. I like to call it information inflation, info-tainment, docu-dramas, ripped from the headlines tv, its time we drop the hollywood scripted bullshit, and care more about the information exchange, and no, that doesn't mean you can tell all those who oppose you that they are doing this, this also means you have to look in the mirror too. Damn I hate when people do that, you must shoot yourself, before you shoot someone else, less you succumb to hypocrasy.


Blogger hooey said...

Air Anerica is great! Check out my progressive blog!

1:12 AM  
Blogger Marion Delgado said...

Why do you hate America, you pinhead?

11:18 PM  

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