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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Jesus in 2005 Anno Domini

   By Nick_NYC at 8:03 AM

So 2000+ years after the antichrist of atheists died, we still speak of a man from the Middle East as if he is alive, alive anyway in the hearts and minds of every good atheist-hating christian. I remember days growing up in Hawai'i when I heard nary a peep about this historic figure, but remember whisperings that when he took off from the Middle East he had moved to America, to be where his future people would live.

I do think that christian missionaries and non-christians (who choose hell over believing in Jesus or the God of Jesus), often ponder, how horrible/great it would be too not know of Christ. Again many christian church-goers have heard of these places that exist that know not of God or Jesus Christ, and by christian I mean not Catholic and American and a Christian, (one of my pastor's words, not mine).

So a ponderous question that is often not spoken of in the many debates about American Christiandom, who would you curse if you didn't know God? Would you have a different Lord to take the name of, in vain? What would you celebrate in December? Who would you accept into your heart? If you killed people in distant lands, who would you say it was for?

The questions go on and on.

So low and behold, mockers of Jesus, appear in America as an ironic reminder that the spirit of Jesus has stretched or moved out of the small place of his birth, to lands that used to not know of such a man, or even what he originally looked like. The latest being an anti-war protest in Astor Place, New York City. What next Jihadists for Jesus? If anything this incident reported Wednesday, has people thinking, if anything, something for the Crhistians to think about, who might value Christianity as it was meant to be by it's founders, what would Jesus think of the wars waged today?


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